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  1. You should for sure go to iraq. I love that idea
  2. Cool. Do you also take instagram pics of your dinner? Nobody cares bout your life bro
  3. Tahoe12

    Check out this sub

    Dude on facebook is building it. Looks like a custom basket on a china motor, likely with lord of bass parts.
  4. Tahoe12

    Need some help identifying 18 inch sun

    its an rf motor. i think the r.u. guess is probably accurate.
  5. Tahoe12

    Photos of car audio gear you have owned

    i always wonder why people worry so much about what others spend on hobbies/collections. do you have a domicile? are you and your family fed, clothed, and financially secure? are you adequately prepared for the future, financially, and otherwise? do you have transportation, or a way to travel to neccessary locations? if the answers yes.. have at it. have 5 million dollars in nostalgic electronics. have fun and enjoy
  6. Tahoe12

    Just got a new toy

    wow great pick up!!
  7. Tahoe12

    cracked slug.. is it ruined?

    top plate came misaligned too. idk what this speakers life was before me.. but it was rough. any suggestions on glue to use to fill in the crack/try and secure the ferrite
  8. have an old re se motor thats cracked all the way around. its not shifted, but it is cracked. is it done for, or can i inject some epoxy and call it a day? its not shifted internally, but it is, again, cracked. all the way through...
  9. Tahoe12

    More local pawn shop finds

    sorry brother, not really. i would be happy to keep my eye open for another for ya if youd like
  10. Tahoe12

    More local pawn shop finds

    ya my gun collection is decent. most the long guns are ar15/10 based, but i do have a few oddballs, like my safety harbor 50bmg.
  11. Tahoe12

    More local pawn shop finds

    nice stuff audiobahn! i used to have a ton more but i sold a whole lot of it a few years and used the proceeds to buy guns. basically starting from scratch again.
  12. Tahoe12

    More local pawn shop finds

    heres a few of my pawn shop finds.
  13. Tahoe12

    SSA Demon Subwoofer (all new)

    hey denim- this was a good long while ago lol.
  14. Tahoe12

    2011 ppv Tahoe slowwwww build

    8 pages and all i see is the op putting on big heavy wheels, cheap tires, and claiming hes a nascar driver. oh, amd a budget double din. disappointing.