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  1. Tahoe12

    Just got a new toy

    wow great pick up!!
  2. Tahoe12

    cracked slug.. is it ruined?

    top plate came misaligned too. idk what this speakers life was before me.. but it was rough. any suggestions on glue to use to fill in the crack/try and secure the ferrite
  3. have an old re se motor thats cracked all the way around. its not shifted, but it is cracked. is it done for, or can i inject some epoxy and call it a day? its not shifted internally, but it is, again, cracked. all the way through...
  4. Tahoe12

    More local pawn shop finds

    sorry brother, not really. i would be happy to keep my eye open for another for ya if youd like
  5. Tahoe12

    More local pawn shop finds

    ya my gun collection is decent. most the long guns are ar15/10 based, but i do have a few oddballs, like my safety harbor 50bmg.
  6. Tahoe12

    More local pawn shop finds

  7. Tahoe12

    More local pawn shop finds

    nice stuff audiobahn! i used to have a ton more but i sold a whole lot of it a few years and used the proceeds to buy guns. basically starting from scratch again.
  8. Tahoe12

    More local pawn shop finds

    heres a few of my pawn shop finds.
  9. Tahoe12

    SSA Demon Subwoofer (all new)

    hey denim- this was a good long while ago lol.
  10. Tahoe12

    2011 ppv Tahoe slowwwww build

    8 pages and all i see is the op putting on big heavy wheels, cheap tires, and claiming hes a nascar driver. oh, amd a budget double din. disappointing.
  11. Tahoe12

    SSA Demon Subwoofer (all new)

    i emailed you guys a while back trying to buy a dustcap.. no response. unusual, as you're usually quite prompt.
  12. Tahoe12

    Long time no see.

    please don't
  13. Tahoe12

    More local pawn shop finds

    they are
  14. well, going through my audio collection/retirement home, i realized i have a ton of shit sitting doing nothing. figured i may as well use some of it. heres what o have so far: 2003 honda accord coupe v6 hu: alpine iva w505 speakers: jbl components, front and rear (rear will be muted most times) amps- either rf power 1000bdcp and rf power 600.4 OR dd cm1 1000 and dd c4a i have a ton of other amps, but these make the most sense to me. subs is where i have a bit of trouble deciding. im not willing to buy new, but i do would consider building up some of the motors i have. im willing to give up maybe 6 cuft total for a box, but smaller is better. what i have to choose from is: 12" obsidian audio 12" ssa icon t3 t600 10s crossfire bmf (x2) rf punch hx2 (x2) atomic apx (x2) atomic apxx (x2) image dynamics idq 10 infinity kappa perfect orion xtr pro phoenix gold ti orrrr i could have some motors built up. heres what i have for that: dd 9500 (x1) dd 3500 (x2) re se (x3) 12" kicker solo x (x1) tc 3hp (x1) tc9 (x2) mmatts juggernaut (x1) i listen to everything, but anymore not a lot of rap. off of these amps (around 12-1500 watts) which would be your choice? im pretty interested in 10s, but im open to other sizes, box permitting. thanks!
  15. Tahoe12

    crossfire amp repair

    steve at amp medics responded, saying he's their repair guy. is amp medics legit? ive contacted dbr, amp lab and a few others with inquiries as well