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  1. its drops with the heat on lol i have ofc for the big 3 but waiting for decent weather
  2. Well im going to swap out the red top with a Bosch Platinum Series AGM Battery 78 it was 156 with core at pep boys
  3. Well i already have a red top (44ah) and a AGM battery (60ah) from advance auto and i have an 300 amp (125 idle) alt, Im just wondering should i get more batteries i was thinking about getting 4 kinetic 600hc or something else and maybe get another 6 or 8 channel amp My amps just one of each MB Quart NA540.6 (70a) Skar Audio RP-2000.1D (200a) Rockville RXM8BTW (80a) i was messing around with ultimate car audio app it said 4108.50 and at idle 2257.88 watts maxes total