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  1. Polar

    Kenwood DDX795 question

    40 is the max, there is like zero volume increase from 27 all the way to 40
  2. Polar

    Fusion rebuild with 8's

    well look at that!
  3. Polar

    Fusion rebuild with 8's

    I ordered directly from bigassports.com The filter wont let me say ass! bigazzports.com
  4. Polar

    Fusion rebuild with 8's

    I used HD pre stain blocker. Im new to staining and know its a skill acquired over years. All in all it looks great in my trunk. I, running an oldish school crunch gp3000 on them, I believe they are getting about 500 each. The port is a 6 inch big ass port, tuned to 32hz, but I think its much lower as these things love lows, like 26 and 28 hz. Im still in shock as to how they sound. Im going to hopefully meter them on sunday, still need to seal around the box better too.
  5. What a debacle! But it sounds amazing. I will post more finished pictures later. I decided that I wanted change, change to something a but more SQ and musical over boomy 12's. I purchased 350zspl's soundqubed 8's with the intent on acquiring a 4th. The 8's are dual 2's first rev's with out the green stitching, so I set out on a mission to find a 4th with out the green. Had a buddy that had one in TX, swore to me it was a dual 2, well guess what? It wasnt so scratch that idea. Actually found 2 nice ones on offer up(lol) 1 was blown, the other, a dual 4. So now my dumbass as 3 dual 2's and 2 dual 4's plus a blown dual 4. Screw it. I order a new one from SQ and will deal with the 1 sub not matching. Box is 4 cubic feet net tuned to 34hz and it sounds amazing. I am not particularly happy with the stain on it, rain and humidity( and perhaps vodka) played a big part in that. This was what I was shooting for came out like this Big shout out to Travis for telling me I do stupid things from time to time haha! I appreciate all the input, advice and help you have given me!
  6. Polar

    Kenwood DDX795 question

    Question about a Kenwood Excelon DDX795. What would cause zero increase in volume from say, 25 on the dial and upwards( maybe I am finally going deaf?) No noticeable volume increase and it seems to " roll off" the bass. In the eq it has a few setting, many which I dont understand. For instance, bass extension and drive eq. I have an email into them and the manual does not explain very well. Thanks!
  7. Polar

    Who's Quit Smoking?

    I need to, again, for the 150th time.
  8. Good Morning. Tossing around a billion ideas in my head, I am going to be running (4) of them on roughly 2500 to 3 k. Looking for best out put scenerios for daily listening. I do not plan on competing. Vehicle : 2015 Ford Fusion Location in the vehicle: Trunk Space available (Length x Width x Height): Current box is 38 wide, 17 high x 16 deep. I can go slightly larger on the depth, will just need to install from the front. Subwoofer make and model: Soundqubed HDS208 dual 2 Subwoofer Size: 8 inch Number of Subwoofers: 4 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): Aero What type of music do you like?: Reggae, Ska with some old school bass music mixed in. Is your goal SPL or Everyday Music?:Every day Tuning Freq (Hz): 30 Volume : 4 cu ft. I have found that facing forward sealed in my car sounds the best. Would like to orient the subs in that manner, thinking 6 inch aero port drivers side wall firing towards side of trunk?