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  1. BCotrell

    Output challenges and recommendations

    Enclosure is a t-line, facing rear hatch. Headunit is below https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/Digital+Media+Receivers/MVH-S501BS 2004 Toyota Landcruiser. No audible loss from my four channel and doors.
  2. Hey guys, I have an Fsd 2600 on two Xfl 10’s down to one ohm on a 250 amp alternator with a 34r agm in front and 31 agm in the rear. My output is shit and I can’t figure out why. rca are good, checked that fuses are good mechanjc said tension of belt at pulley is good recently swapped front battery from regular battery to agm. Is it possible the front lead acid damaged the rear agm? last thought it’s the amp, anyone have a recommendation for a budget 2500-3000 Korean been a while since I had to think about car audio purchasing.
  3. BCotrell

    Mechless receiver predicament

    Solution: required a hard reset (disconnected negative terminal on battery). Also, I swapped the jvc out for the new pioneer mechless and the difference is night and day. Output is wayyyyyyy better, particularly in the rear channels. Crazy how uneven the signals were between the front and rear rca’s on the jvc
  4. BCotrell

    Mechless receiver predicament

    Hi all. Been a minute since i been on the forums but here goes. I have a jvc kd-x33mbs receiver that I attempted to updated the firmware (to fix a few bluetooth related bugs). The update completed but then the deck just shut off and now will not turn on. Is there a fix for this. I followed exact protocol as outlined on the jvc website. Any word of advice other than try to return it and go with a pioneer. I think i like this one better anyway MVH-S501BS - NEW! Digital Media Receiver with Enhanced Audio Functions, Improved Pioneer ARC App Compatibility, MIXTRAX®, Built-in Bluetooth®, and SiriusXM-Ready™ | Pioneer Electronics USA
  5. BCotrell

    Subwoofer suggestion

    Get an Acura TSX wagon. Super reliable car and dope rear hatch. The new civic hatchback is pretty rad too.
  6. BCotrell

    JVC KD-X340BTS RCA output voltage.

    Yeah I went too conservative.
  7. BCotrell

    JVC KD-X340BTS RCA output voltage.

    I have the 33 "marine" model from last year (almost identical specs) and i bought it strictly because it was the only shallow din receiver that had three sets of 4v preouts and a 13 band eq. In hindsight I wish I'd have gone with a pioneer unit with a likely stronger 2v preout rating. That said we set mine at 30 too with a .wav but i was going to try 35 soon. It's inevitable that I'm probably going to add a line driver. The tru technology six channel and the zapco are the two units that I'm looking at. Again i need a shallow din otherwise i would probably have switched it out for an alpine unit.
  8. hello all, so i have a battery scenario on my 2003 landcruiser that i would love feedback on. I'm switching the factory alt to a 250 amp alt. At the same time I'm doing my big three upgrade where I'm upgrading all my wires from the factory size wire to 2/0 welding wire. Now here's my scenario. I will be running a pretty small agm battery in the rear (Stinger spv 44) and wanted to put a solid agm battery up front. So, here are my options since the red needs to be on the right for a stock 27f fir 1. buy a $300 plus 27F Northstar that is just over 90 Ah 2. Buy a $200 27M that has the red on the right. I found this one at batteries plus SLI27MAGMDC - Duracell Ultra AGM Battery Deep Cycle BCI Group 27M Marine and Boat at Batteries Plus Bulbs this one too, same battery i think, can probably just turn the battery around since terminals are inthe middle Deka 8A27 (8A27M) AGM Battery 3. Buy a different size agm battery (big as i can fit in stock area) and just make my battery wires longer to accomodate the red being on the left. And that's really if i can get a big agm with enough cca to start the truck for under $200 as posted in option 2.