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  1. Krave

    Traded in the Yukon

    Your insight is spot on, dealing with the older models and anything they bring out for a few years of the first run, but I did buy the last year of the e90/n51 (the least problems due to them working all the bugs out and I bought the N/A version instead of the turbo one, 335i) and I can afford it, a new one cost less to own than a used one out of warranty, if it (the used one) was: ragged out/not taken care of/you don't perform the reg routine maint on it. My payments went down, insurance isn't going anywhere due to my age, and it gets phenomenal MPG compared to the Yukon (I drive 200+ miles a day to and back for work). A Camry/Accord is mundane to drive, there is a reason why BMW uses the slogan, "The Ultimate Driving Machine", it is not misleading at all.
  2. Krave

    Traded in the Yukon

    And bought a 2011 BMW 328xi. It has the HiFi plus iDrive system in it. I do not think I will be installing my SA-15's (not even one of them), but, instead, use my 4ohm 12W3-V3. I do not want to destroy this car as the parts for it are ridiculous enough (the Xenon headlight bulbs are already around $100 each...), it has 2 8" mid bass subs under each front seat. Any BMW owners here have any suggestions on upgrading all the mids and highs?
  3. Krave

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Baddest - MGK Gunther Mackett - The Stixxx I played a Lil Wyte song and hit start radio on google music, it has introduced me to some very decent rappers, like: Struggle Jennings, The Stixxx, Stevie Stone, Ritz, and Alexander King.
  4. testing (well it works on the cheap plan they don't offer anymore, lol. Maybe mine will stop working when they figure it out):
  5. I pay $4 a month and all my photos are still up, so it isn't $400 a year (even though it says on their site they shouldn't). I initially did the pay $4 a month due to some very high traffic sites (Tigerdroppings/secrant) where I post photoshopped stuff and i exceeded my B/W limit within minutes. Edit again: I don't even see my plan, lol. Plus 20 is mine.
  6. Krave

    SMD volt meter

    I should have some free time in July. I am driving up to Omaha on Monday for work for 2 weeks (might be able to catch LSU baseball game while I am there).
  7. Krave

    SMD volt meter

    Sweet. I would be curious as to what my friends Alphard setup meters, he hasn't had it metered yet. I think Alphard just sent him some new amps but he hasn't installed them yet, either.
  8. Krave

    Car audio show

    Austin is only about 2.5 hours away straight down 35, but that traffic around Waco...eh.
  9. Krave

    SMD volt meter

    I have not metered as I just put these in a few weeks ago. 2 SA15's on a SCV-2000D, previously was 2 DD600 15's on a KAC-9106D.
  10. Crown Vic is at least an 8 body trunk!
  11. Krave

    SMD volt meter

    I did not, but Stang Lyfe just had a car audio (small one) and car show here in Shreveport. Got to finally sit in my buddy's suburban with 6 DB3 Alphard 15's.....holy heck that thing pounds.
  12. Krave

    1 JL 10w6 or 2 Sundown SA 12s?

    How long have you been waiting? I hope the wait is nothing like Tantric, lol.
  13. Krave

    1 JL 10w6 or 2 Sundown SA 12s?

    While Sundown does not make theirs to order, you can't fairly compare the Q to the SA, that is more of a Q vs the X but that also depends on how low you want to go, the higher freqs I would go Q, the lower ones X all the way. The q seems to be a VERY well rounded sub, either choice, IMO, is better than the JL option. I would look at DD subs as well since you have no qualms throwing money at JL, might as well think about throwing money at the other big subwoofer maker and just like FI and SA, DD will not disappoint.
  14. Krave

    1 JL 10w6 or 2 Sundown SA 12s?

    A good bit sell out (Jeff said this better than I did, lol) , but I think most opt to cheap out (Kicker ever since Wal-Mart bailed them out). I don't think FI did either of those, they just have adjusted to the times poorly with their prices. FI doesn't make a bad product, they just have priced themselves out of the competition, imo, which is why people don't talk as much about them anymore.
  15. Krave

    1 JL 10w6 or 2 Sundown SA 12s?

    Yup, I remember when Pyle was a force to be reckoned with along with GS Redlines, Punch, Kicker, Autotek (yes Autotek was once one of the top amp makers), etc.