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  1. H_L

    Ferrite magnets

    Hey ya!! Where’s the best place for ferrite ring magnets? About 10 or 11inch diameter and about 1inch thick. Cheers
  2. H_L

    Spider stacking

    When it comes to multiple spiders and they say they are stacked does that mean they are on top of each other? Like one on top of each other touching with no spacer? Wouldn’t they rub on each other or just not work? I’ve seen subs with 4 or more spiders but you can’t see any spacers. Cheers
  3. H_L

    Taramps Reviews?

    Has anyone had anything to do with Taramps amplifiers? They do pretty big amps but I can’t find any decent reviews!! I’ve only found a dyno test on the 3k and it turned out fairly good. https://www.taramps.com.br/en/produto/bass-15k/ Questions are? They are cheap in price buy why are allot of big installs using them if they are cheap? Like I wouldn’t trust a very cheap amp on a massive setup like that. So it has me wondering is this true or what? They are labelled 15,000 rms 14.4v 1ohm and it does say .15%thd but I don’t think so I think it’s more like 1% or higher I reckon BUT still it has a maximum power consumption of 1302A so that’s 1302 x 14.4 = roughly 18k max power consumption so it can’t be too bad can it? Any information would be greatly appreciated.