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  1. wew lad

    What direction is Sundown heading?

    It's more like how people like DC audio because it's "better" but Sundown is much larger and amassed a big following because of the SA line due to its price. Their prices have always been marked up unless you get it 2nd hand or as b stock. Jacob does innovate things with the drivers but that's about it. The amps are cookie cutter.
  2. wew lad

    PRV amps

    I'm in northern Mass and he's in Maine. I'm not sure where sodak is, this is my first time living up here
  3. wew lad

    PRV amps

    Taramps is getting better, specifically the Bass and MD lines. I've had a Bass 12k at .5/.35dcr for a few months now and it's no problem at all for it. I have a HD15k sitting next to me that was run at .5 for a year with no problems. Once @hispls is back up north I'm going to try and change his view on the newer models.
  4. wew lad

    1991gmc 1500 singel cab build

    throw it all out besides the kickers, but maybe those too because you don't have the airspace
  5. 750 isnt even a high rpm but if you're happy with it at 850-900 and it's a small somewhat quiet engine I'm glad you figured it out
  6. First, that equipment is bottom of the barrel. You'll have people bash on you but if it's all you want, that's fine just use that. If you don't find it being enough, come back and LISTEN to peoples advice when it comes to proper equipment. More importantly to answer your actual question: buy a 4, 6, or 8 gauge OFC wiring kit and it will be more than enough for that amp. A big tip is to buy your connectors now, I can't see what the power input to that amp is but if it's spade connectors like most of those amps are, buy the space connectors for that wire size (and a larger crimper) when you buy the amplifier wiring kit.
  7. Some smaller Lithium cells are starting to be made with graphene
  8. Great link, there's now sub $100 headunits that support bluetooth at higher bit rates than the vast majority of most people listen to on their $400+ decks
  9. I haven't really been watching this closely but this very much intrigues me as I only use bluetooth and I think the SQ is pretty good but now that those higher quality units are available, do you have any information on which specific headunits have this capability now? Also, supposedly LDAC is not the better option and you were misinformed https://www.soundguys.com/ldac-ultimate-bluetooth-guide-20026/
  10. wew lad

    Are JVC's crap stereos?

    I'd personally get a basic headunit with high quality preouts and then a dsp for $150
  11. wew lad

    Hello!! Can't make up my mind on which 18" get, 8((

    of course it does but if 7kw is a lot for a 4 inch coil it doesnt matter the length of the 3 inch coil or its layers. 3500 is the max you should give a 3 inch coil
  12. It doesn't look like there will be any difference if they're both fiber and have the same aftermarket amplifier and speakers.
  13. Looks pretty standardized to me https://avinusa.com/most-fiber-optic-amp-interface-for-land-rover-range-rover-sport-discovery-freelander.html
  14. The harbor freight $12 special is pretty accurate for Vdc/Adc and ACv near a frequency of 60hz which is all you really need unless you want to be able to measure dc current and have higher accuracy on the other measurements. I'd recommend the fluke 336/337 for around $150 refurbed because they're no longer made or the fluke 325 if you want new.
  15. wew lad

    What annoys the ***** outta you/pisses you off...

    Best ghetto I could find for $1700 a month