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  1. wew lad

    Tidal App

    Sounds like a free app until its fixed to me. Always some idiot who will pay for a beta disguised as a final product, though If you're patient and update your headunit and phone to support it, AptX will hopefully be standard for everything in a year or two
  2. wew lad

    Tidal App

    $36?!? f**k that, go download the lossless music and stream it via a free lossless player. It would have to be really good for it to be worth it for $36 + the cost of the base streaming service. Convenience is worth money to me now that I've moved up in my career
  3. wew lad


    Yes, I changed my forum name to attempt to create a meme, a meme that already existed. You really know memes. Learn what forced memes are before you comment next time. You're deliberately ignoring my statements because you don't want to address them.
  4. wew lad


    You made a typical NPC comment on a political subject. I called your comment what it was. Now you claim I'm the one blinded by groupthink? There, I explained the irony for you.
  5. wew lad


    Don't speak if you can't substantiate the bullshit you spew, it makes you look bad.
  6. wew lad


    Care to elaborate?
  7. wew lad


    I was dead on, you obviously didn't get the relationship. There's a lot of irony in your first sentence
  8. wew lad


    You must not notice your own boomer tendencies
  9. wew lad


    You've been forgotten, and your ideologies are no longer relevant in current society. You're acting like a boomer.
  10. the stock alternator has shit output then, try looking up the model of it and see what its rated for
  11. 13.4 isnt bad, you need to check volts dc at the front alternator post and ground and then the front battery, and then the amp. if there's any differences its your wiring/connections. If your voltage at the amp is the same as the alternator your alternator isnt doing anything. possibly due to factory computer controls shutting it off to save gas or the alternator is junk. if you're clipping the hell out of the amp with the gain set too high it'll draw way over 50a at peak
  12. wew lad

    Equalizer Question

    Look into an aftermarket headunit with factory integration unless the cost is too high, otherwise follow jeffs advice hes messed around with the shit enough to know what processing is needed for oem headunits you won't miss out on much by simply using a bluetooth dongle for a dsp and completely leaving out the headunit and rewiring the speakers to an amp if all you want is to listen to music from your phone
  13. wew lad

    Equalizer Question

    Look and see if your model and year is supported by the rockford DSR-1 with maestro. simple plug and play for a 4x8 dsp
  14. It likely displays range to obstacles when you're backing up
  15. wew lad

    Sky High Car Audio WTF!!

    every fuse holder under the $25 minimum is cheap chinese stuff, that's correct. the fuse holders he listed are $6 each