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  1. wew lad

    Improving on the meter

    Likewise, definitely worth the trip and I'll be back when the winter isn't so harsh. I completely forgot about this thread so I need to update it since there's been significant changes to the substage. I finished the box about 3-4 weeks ago literally days before I moved cross-country to Mass so the box is finished but the false floor is still loose and I have a few things I need to do still. Main thing is probably relocating the Bass 12k to my toolbox and putting the other 3 banks of caps I have under the false floor or in the toolbox with the Bass 12k. So the Taramps Bass 12k is at .5 now (.35dcr) and it makes great power. Something like 9-10k at ~1.4-1.6 lowest reactive impedance. On most music it's probably only putting out 6-7k. I added a 2nd Team AA 15 D2 so I have 2 of them now, with the 3rd having burnt tinsel leads. I'll either recone it or sell it as is. The box is something like 7.8 cubes net after displacement of the windows, subs, and port. 10 inch big ass port tuning the box to 35/36hz. The subs seem to love it and I peak at 40 now instead of 38 which is an improvement, I can play around and see if I want to tune higher later on. 13 ply birch plywood double baffled and the rest is a single layer but the windows make it rock solid. Tons of kreg screws and the bottom baffle is screwed into the box and the top baffle to help them adhere better. Best score so far is 153.4. Huge gains from the single 15 that peaked at 148.2. 5db from doubling cone area, changing orientation, and dropping the amp to .5.
  2. wew lad

    2016 F350 crewcab stereo

    You absolutely cannot fit 6.5's? Silver flute 6.5's and vifa tweeters will make you happy at a very good price
  3. wew lad

    What annoys the ***** outta you/pisses you off...

    The f**k you talking about? I've never met a woman who says that. I have met multiple men who love bread including me so you're definitely meeting some strange females
  4. wew lad

    Shit talker claims he has a 10000w system.

    Some people just can't swallow their own pride and listen
  5. wew lad

    Connector identification

    It appears to be only 2 pins and likely an analog feed so in theory you could convert the top yellow connector to RCA but I recommend you ask a forum specifically oriented towards these cars
  6. wew lad

    Shit talker claims he has a 10000w system.

    ohm's correct? You mean impedence? If you were running that much power you'd know this
  7. "What is cancellation, for $500 Alex." I have no idea how you plan to run 16 speakers off of one headunit and no processing. You're going to need a 16ch dsp and 4 4ch amps unless you butcher the shit out of everything
  8. wew lad

    Calculating Aero Port Length

    .5 inch away from the wall (if it's facing it) is wayyyyy too close. You need at least 3 inches. Their 25hz tune is probably for a flat response and sacrifices output
  9. wew lad

    Is my amp dead?

    How do you have the sub wired? Your previous sub which was dual 2 could be wired at 1 ohm or 4 ohms. Your current sub could be at 2 ohms or 8 ohms. You will get much less power at 8 ohms. Are you sure you don't have the polarity of the subwoofer wiring backwards such that one coil is pushing and one coil is pulling?
  10. wew lad

    Who's Quit Smoking?

    lol was it thxone and not slo ride? probably drunk
  11. wew lad

    Who's Quit Smoking?

    your sad reaction says otherwise
  12. wew lad

    Who's Quit Smoking?

    yeah and getting my ass licked is weird to you
  13. wew lad

    Who's Quit Smoking?

    and this is why you don't like getting your ass licked
  14. wew lad

    Who's Quit Smoking?

    Quite the opposite, I prefer to receive
  15. wew lad

    Who's Quit Smoking?