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  1. just trim it down then. one run per coil and it'll be overkill
  2. Unless you have 40+ft runs of wire all the way up to 10kw rms you can use 10-12 awg just use 1 run per coil. there's absolutely no way you're going to need anything bigger than 14 awg for SA's average power on music is about 10% of what you think it is
  3. wew lad

    My first real system

    Shit I have 2 alts and 2 55 agm's with 1 bank of caps and I have to be clipping at idle to drop below 13v lol I clamp around 7k with 800a of current draw When I put in another 2-3 banks of caps I doubt I'll have any drop
  4. wew lad

    My first real system

    Lithium batteries and caps are two different things. JY Power makes good lithium batteries, and maxwell or xs power make good ultracapacitor banks. About $1-2k for the right amount of each. The Taramps Bass series is badass for subs. They're one of the first of the taramps lines designed for it. You can get a 12k for around 1100 and a 15k for 1600. They do rated power all day and they're about half the size of a 8-10k korean surfboard amp.
  5. wew lad

    My first real system

    Get a taramps bass 15k. I like Banda, but the newer taramps are better and .5 stable. Lithiums/caps instead of batteries. Two HO alts and 6-8 banks of caps will get you little to no voltage drop. Ask me how I know. 1 80ah lithium will do about the same
  6. Not to go against the point of your statement, but 12v 100dca supplies are much cheaper than they used to be. Around $100 Just get a home amplifier if you want something for inside. The only time I'd use a car audio amp inside is for testing
  7. wew lad

    Yay for goodies!!

    Is this a joke?
  8. wew lad

    its cheap, but is it that bad?

    Yeah, like the brand new board I got in my bass 12k that had a f*****g loose cap in it. Had to pull the whole board out and solder it back in from the bottom. Pain in the ass
  9. wew lad

    drop HZ on a box?

    depends on the sub, i tried shrinking my box and it lost on the meter by at least 1-2dbs
  10. wew lad

    What would cause this fuse to melted?

    Depends on your current draw. If the 8 gauge is OFC you're probably fine for an amp around 500w but if it's CCA get rid of it and throw in some 4 gauge OFC.
  11. wew lad

    8k rms sub

    That's how rise works bud, sorry eh?
  12. wew lad

    8k rms sub

    Taramps Bass 15k wired at .5 or gtfo
  13. wew lad

    Flea market finds

  14. wew lad

    Is This Amp Worth Fixing? HELP Please

    Depends how much you value your time. Even at $10/hr you're quickly wasting your time on that amp if you have little or no knowledge of how the components on the board even work. If you don't even know how to check if a fet is blown you should leave it alone
  15. wew lad

    Taramps Bass 12k

    I pulled apart the NEW BOARD and found a loose cap, of fucking course. Pulled the entire board out of the heatsink, which is a pain in the ass, and resoldered it on. Cross your dicks but I think it's fixed