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  1. poolman966554

    Wiring under 1 ohm

    All my SA's read 3.7ish.. ending up right at .625. Maybe other coils are different, i never played with anything other that Sundown after i got back into the hobby
  2. poolman966554

    I need a cheap decent amp

    Yup. my C2400 has clip indicator, but ill soon see how accurate it is after i verify with scope
  3. poolman966554

    Orion HCCA5000.1D SPLX Guts!

    Orion is definitely making companies using korean amp designs look bad in terms of watt/$
  4. poolman966554

    Amp Dyno Wolfram 2400....2400 watts for $199

    Starting to wonder if they all drowned ?
  5. poolman966554

    Amp Dyno Wolfram 2400....2400 watts for $199

    Not mine. Been 4 days since colins reply.. must have one hellava flood problem down there
  6. poolman966554

    Amp Dyno Wolfram 2400....2400 watts for $199

    Your right.I emailed wolfram this morning, and i recieved this reponse sometime today. "Fedex was originally scheduled to pick up the shipments earlier this week, but they called to reschedule due to the storms we're having. They should pick up the shipment either today or tomorrow! Your tracking will update with an accurate ETA once Fedex picks it up! "
  7. poolman966554

    Amp Dyno Wolfram 2400....2400 watts for $199

    same here. i got notice of label created on Saturday as well. Originally states UPS shipping, but provides a fed ex tracking number
  8. poolman966554

    Tuning w/ multimeter

    I dont care for the new site.. And wtf is the top 15? THATpurpleKUSH - "Weak voltage from the input source." right on lol. i had assumed OP had HU voltage set to 3/4 volume, and playing a sine wave.. What DB sine wave is the question?? Also,what do the rca volts read? Should be between 2-6 V AC
  9. poolman966554

    Tuning w/ multimeter

    That amp surely does rated, and your math appears correct. Not sure what to say? possibly bad amp, idk. Try a different meter, or try your current meter on someone elses amp to rule the meter accuracy out.
  10. poolman966554


    Group sizes are in relation to physical width, height, and depth of said battery. give you an idea of how big a battery you can fit. I removed the battery tray in my 07 crv and fit a Group 34 vs the stock group 51R
  11. poolman966554

    Second battery and h/0 alternator help?

    my best guess is you can get away with 2 agm batteries, as that should keep your amp outta the danger zone(provided your not wired the subs in the dirt) but your amp(s) will easily overcome your stock alt and pull your vehicle voltage down Below the 12.8ish voltage of a fully charged battery. Expect light dimming at night, and to wear out your stock alt soon as it will be on full demand with no rest every time your bumpin
  12. poolman966554

    Sundown lcs woofers

    wtf is Pffffft?? Its pernounced PSH!
  13. poolman966554

    Single Sundown Sa12 rev 3

    2 k amp is legit for a SA12. Its true it can handle 1k clean watts, but after your box rise its nice to compensate
  14. poolman966554

    Crimper for 0 gauge

    Maybe i overlook my profession, but a simple 1/2" wire brush, flux, solder, and about 15 seconds of a propane/ mapp gas torch and you have a very secure soldered connection. Soldering is very easy if you understand how it works. Only downside to soldering is you will burn/melt the jacket about 1/4" up from the terminal fitting, but that will be covered by heat shrink anyhow. The upside however, is you get to "clean" the oxidation off the copper terminals and bond your ofc wire to clean copper. oxidation is a bad thing when trying to move lots of current. Hence why oxidized/corroded battery terminals can be the reason your car wont start.
  15. poolman966554

    Audio shop nightmare.. Please advise.

    OP, which Sundown audio subs did you end up getting? Im curious why your amps keep going into protect, and haven't fixed it. its either voltage drop from gain set too high, or bad ground in my experience.