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  1. poolman966554

    Stinger voltmeter?

    Thats a great way to have a dead battery after you "forget" to turn them off lol. in the 2 wire world, relay is the way to go imo
  2. poolman966554

    Stinger voltmeter?

    I just looked up a "stinger" volt meter, and seen most have 3 wires! thats the reason i wasnt getting it. I only have 2 wire voltage gauges, hence my diagram in post #2, and the 3 wire has its own turn on. Sorry Popwarhomie, wasnt trying to be a d*ck,
  3. poolman966554

    Stinger voltmeter?

    Not sure i follow.. I assumed you were using the remote terminal, and ground to turn on the voltmeter when i wrote the comment above. Otherwise, you would use Batt and gnd from amp which will keep the meter on until battery is depleted. How are you sure that the remote voltage coming from the headunit isnt manipulated/delayed?? isnt it easier to just install a relay that to wonder or actually figure out the internal circuitry?
  4. poolman966554

    Stinger voltmeter?

    ive always added a relay to my volt meters, as i really dont care what the headunit output voltage is, as it may not always be the same as the Battery/amp terminal. I dont know if there is any influence such as capacitance that can give a false reading from what amp actually is seeing. better safe than sorryimo. and for roughly $2 and 15 min, i know its good. just my .02
  5. poolman966554

    Stinger voltmeter?

    any car parts shop like autozone will have one if you want it today. guessing $7? or i buy them in bulk so i have extra for a couple bucks more https://www.amazon.com/Support-Relay-Spst-4pin-Pack/dp/B00RWVLMI4/ref=sr_1_fkmr2_1?keywords=12-VCD%2BAutomotive%2BRelay%2BSPST&qid=1557515487&s=electronics&sr=8-1-fkmr2&th=1
  6. poolman966554

    Stinger voltmeter?

    Wire it like this: https://ibb.co/ypYdxyy Best i can do for ya, im at work.
  7. poolman966554

    Looking for a new double dinn, help me find it.

    Thank you for the reply. Im more interested in a nav unit, thats not android. From what ive seen, Android auto is a "assistant" with a boring interface? Please correct me if im wrong! Can someone give me the pros of android auto?
  8. poolman966554

    Looking for a new double dinn, help me find it.

    Maybe this was a stupid question, as 49 views and no recommendations? What "product" will it take to make my steering wheel controls work with an aftermarket headunit?
  9. Currently have an Avant 2 android unit and its been awesome, until it boot loops this morning. That said, heres what i "like" from it.. Accepts 32Gb Micro sd card each for files and maps. (huge plus imo) runs android so any app can be installed. Looked at new stuff.. Wtf is android auto? and why is it not full android? I never use the "hey google" function on my phone. seems like thats all android auto is? Edit: Want to keep steering wheel controls, what am i looking for if i go to a headunit that is standard dvd multimedia non wifi??
  10. poolman966554

    Wiring under 1 ohm

    All my SA's read 3.7ish.. ending up right at .625. Maybe other coils are different, i never played with anything other that Sundown after i got back into the hobby
  11. poolman966554

    I need a cheap decent amp

    Yup. my C2400 has clip indicator, but ill soon see how accurate it is after i verify with scope
  12. poolman966554

    Orion HCCA5000.1D SPLX Guts!

    Orion is definitely making companies using korean amp designs look bad in terms of watt/$
  13. poolman966554

    Amp Dyno Wolfram 2400....2400 watts for $199

    Starting to wonder if they all drowned ?
  14. poolman966554

    Amp Dyno Wolfram 2400....2400 watts for $199

    Not mine. Been 4 days since colins reply.. must have one hellava flood problem down there
  15. poolman966554

    Amp Dyno Wolfram 2400....2400 watts for $199

    Your right.I emailed wolfram this morning, and i recieved this reponse sometime today. "Fedex was originally scheduled to pick up the shipments earlier this week, but they called to reschedule due to the storms we're having. They should pick up the shipment either today or tomorrow! Your tracking will update with an accurate ETA once Fedex picks it up! "