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    2015 Honda Accord ,,pioneer d series fronts and rear, sundown 100.4,, IA 15" DP,, sundown scv15
  1. steelers909

    Adassa Warlord

  2. steelers909

    Anybody else in trying to buy a house now?

    I was gonna try by next year but so cal is too **** expensive for what I want, even in the inland areas.. don’t wanna be in San Bernardino and don’t wanna be in the desert areas.. everything I seen i like is $300k plus
  3. steelers909

    Help on amps and final load

    I spent 450 on this 3800 and can get a 2nd one for a little over 500.. I can’t see myself getting a CT just from the mixed things I’ve heard about them.
  4. steelers909

    Help on amps and final load

    So far I haven’t found a decently priced stronger amp that I’d like but have found a 2nd amp.. I’d also rather just run one big amp, but since I have this amp already it’s easier to find a matching amp and a little cheaper. If I went with strapping the amps would I have to order my subs in a dual 1 or dual 2? I want to run at either 1ohm or .5 ohm the lowest after being strapped
  5. steelers909

    Help on amps and final load

    I’m gonna be ordering 2 sp4s and they come in dual 1 or dual 2. I was also gonna buy a 2nd Ampere 3800 and strap them since I have one in possession already. I’ve never strapped amps before so I’m kind of confused on how I’d end up with an overall 1 ohm load. Or should I just sell my AA3800 and run 1 stronger amp for the 2 subs?
  6. steelers909

    Sundown yard sale is back

    Has anyone got a bad amp from the yard sale before?
  7. steelers909

    Suggestions on single 10 with a Rockford 300x1 amp

    Ssa is legit they’re not gonna screw you over.
  8. steelers909

    Finally Getting my XCON tomorrow. F*ck Y3ah!!!

    I had another pretty decent sub.. I wanted to see which I liked better but the wait was awhile and then having to wait for a box to be built I was over it haha. Now I’m either gonna look for another one or possibly get rid of it.. I get tempted to build a box myself so I can hear it but I got no yard or garage at my place
  9. steelers909

    Finally Getting my XCON tomorrow. F*ck Y3ah!!!

    good thing u didn’t order during Black Friday week. I did a couple years ago and it’s still sitting in the box cuz by the time I got it I was ehh about it lol. It looked nice tho too bad I never got a box done for it Enjoy yours!
  10. steelers909

    Sax 200.4 v2

    I always see the v1 being sold or people wanting to buy one but not really the v2.. I know there’s a size difference between them. Is there much of a difference between them? I want to upgrade my 100.4 but keep it looking similar so I figured I should just stay sundown.
  11. steelers909


    I used to rely heavily on the search. Bar Didn’t have to start a bunch of pointless threads to find out what I wanted to know..
  12. steelers909

    Hutchinson car audio?

    They have an 8 coming out in a few months. I was thinking of preordering a couple but idk yet
  13. steelers909

    Anyone in So Cal that can rebuild a 13w7?

    Alright I'll look for u and him and add u guys.. no wayy!! I've never heard/seen anything about bass comps in SB!! I still haven't even heard a 4K amp being pushed right in person ? Lol So seeing what u have I can't even imagine in person!!! Lol
  14. steelers909

    Anyone in So Cal that can rebuild a 13w7?

    I seen this member hasn't been on for a couple months now.. if u or someone else could get ahold of him for me I'd appreciate it a lot.. also I seen u mentioned something about giving a demo sometime.. either u or Cooney I'd really appreciate seeing either one of u at a local comp or giving your personal time blowing my mind away with ur sick *** setups.. PM me for further details if you down.. I'm just a So Cal noob that likes bass.. ? Lol
  15. steelers909

    Anyone in So Cal that can rebuild a 13w7?

    [quote name='Jeffdachef']you do know how easy it is to recone a w7 right? lol just buy the recone kit and watch a tutorial. Its SOOO easy, just pop one thing off and remove the whole assembly and drop the new one in. @tc3k101 is in covina and he builds great subs if you really dont want to even attempt it.[/QUOTE] Always thought it was hard cuz nobody wanted to touch those.. I'd probably attempt it with another cheaper sub but don't wanna try with this one. I'm better at ruining things instead of fixing them lol But thanks