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  1. Boominburban

    BRISTOL,TN Street fights show SEPT 8th

  2. http://mecaevents.com/#/events/2297 ALL the proceeds from this show go to the local National Guard. Great cause, turn out and turn up guys !!! DEMO FRIENDLY SHOW !!
  3. http://mecaevents.com/#/events/2439 Come on guys, let's get out and support these shows!
  4. http://mecaevents.com/#/events/2329
  5. Boominburban

    New Alt, Low Voltage issues

    Thoroghly clean your throttle body, if that doesn't work, have the PCM reprogrammed to increase idle speed.
  6. Boominburban

    New Alt, Low Voltage issues

    Bottom line here is; Bump your idle speed up to 700 rpm, and possibly get a different main battery. You will be golden ...Optima batteries are not that great these days ... OH, and AGM batteries are lead acid batteries also .... just different internal build from a flooded cell lead acid battery
  7. Boominburban

    New Alt, Low Voltage issues

    " somehow I turned on my Tahoe and it jumped back up to 14.7V" So, when its running above idle, it reads 14.7v ?? (14.4 to 14.8v is pretty std charging voltage for that series alt. on a GM.) If so, it's probably not a defective alternator. 500rpm is low. 700-900 is std idle speed for that vehicle. Id look into that.
  8. Boominburban

    Any meets in fl

    get on the net. Look up the MECA, USACi, IASCA,NSPL, ISPLL, Db Drag sites/pages. Then find the events page, then look for local shows.
  9. Boominburban

    Class A/B pulling more current than my Class D???

    OP Been doing this for like 28 yrs. But doesn't know that a class A/B amp pulls considerably more current than a class D amp .....Hmmmm ..... Then proceeds to argue with everyone that IS knowledgeable .... Sounds about right for here ....
  10. Boominburban

    WTB: 12 inch Dual 2 ohm subwoofer

    I bet you'd be pretty happy with that Blem FU Audio 1500Ti. It is hand built in the US also. I have been very happy with all the FU Audio subs that I have ran.
  11. Boominburban

    5 channel amp poll

    PPI p900.5 .... or the NVX, same amp ....
  12. Boominburban

    FU 750 sale 12" & 15" $150

    They have a $150 sub cost challenge also ...
  13. Boominburban

    Amp voltage output...

    Turn your bass boost down, turn the sub out level on your HU up to max. Get some 4ga OFC power wire .... That will fix your issue.
  14. Boominburban

    2/0 welding cable

    M class welding cable is good stuff. ALL UL listed and certified welding cable is OFC. But $4/ft is kinda pricey for welding cable. Look around, like BT said, you can find better prices.