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  1. I'm trying to cash in on what I hope is your good nature here.... Hopping on your thread here trying to learn something. I'm a dinosaur that hasn't installed a stereo in anything in several years, so all this new tech is blowing my mind. My truck is similar to yours, but not identical. 2015 Ram 1500 crew cab. I also purchased the vented fox box. I'm planning to stuff a couple Skar ZVX8s in there that I have in the garage, power them with a Crescendo BC3500D because I've got that in the garage too. I have the 8.4 uconnect with Nav too, but mine is the Alpine, so I'm not sure what change that really makes. I'm trying to figure out what I need to actually connect my amp to my head unit. I see you purchased the Audio Control amp with the DSP built in. Pricey unit and I wasn't sure about amping the speakers for some time, but I'm wondering if going that route is better than buying a PAC AmpPro and then a separate DSP. Or did you still need an adapter before the Audio Control? I'm on overload here in acronym hell and I'm not sure what I actually need, other than more money so I could afford to pay someone else for this to be their problem and mine to enjoy as a finished product. Did you lose any functions of the factory head unit with your install? Or does everything still work?
  2. Well I took a leap, and ordered one from Fox. Now just need to get all the other parts and hope for the best. I'll report back - good or bad.
  3. Called and spoke with a guy at Fox today. Relatively friendly. He was on the road and told me to call back tomorrow if I wanted exact numbers but he believes the port area is 14in^2 and length 28". So that happens to be just barely short on area as the spec calls for 14.45, but the length is 9" too long. So I did some searching and seems that a shorter port will react better? But a longer port isn't necessarily a terrible thing. Any thoughts on that?
  4. Initially I didn't want this truck. I wanted a mega cab so I could build something behind the rear seats. But it didn't work out that way. So now I'm trying to make the best of it. I'm thinking seriously about just buying one of the fox boxes and modifying it to fit the 8" sub or subs. They claim 1.55ft^3 each side on the dual or 1.8ft^3 on the single. Port area and what not may be perfect, but hell, I don't have to build it, and it is bound to be a load better than the 150 watt alpine factory sub. I mean realistically I'm not looking to compete, just trying jam while I'm on the road 6 hours at a time.
  5. Well - as I expected, not even close. I bought some bean bag filler styrofoam (what a mess) and filled the box this afternoon. Then dumped everything out that didn't static cling to the inside into a box 2'x2'x'2'. And it filled it a whopping 5". So basically 1.7ft^3. Now granted, I didn't pull carpet, nor lift the seats, and I probably could have done a little more work to stuff another inch or two under the seats, but I just don't know about getting the 3ft^3 that I would need without a TON of work. So....just how bad do you think one of those fox boxes would sound? Either a single or a double? I mean if they've already done the leg work to get the airspace maximized for the space, why shouldn't I save myself the headache and buy one? Sure the port may not be perfect for what I've got, but how bad is that really?
  6. I have considered the idea of removing the stupid molded tin extensively. But being that I intend to get rid of the truck in about a year, I don't think it is a good idea to go to all that trouble. I do have the welders and skill to do it, but I think that is a bit more work than I should take on. I didn't pull carpet or lift the seats to make the mock up box, so I guess I'll add a small factor in if my mock up happens to be close to adequate. Frankly, even just building the mock up for this thing today was stupid. From start to finish, I spent almost 4 hours, and I still haven't calculated the air space because I can't find any filler to check it with. I can say, that without a doubt, I'd rather buy a box than build one for such a ridiculous space. But, since I wasted the whole afternoon on this dumb mock up box, I'll see what I can find to work as a filler to check volume. Anyway, the box is small. Just by looking at it, I'm thinking there is no way I get close to 3ft^3. As it is, the box touches the bottom of the seats. I think I can lift the seats up to 1.5", but still need to factor in mounting and excursion of the subs themselves.
  7. Alright I was able to pick up some mattress boxes this weekend. I'll tear things apart in the next day or two, build a mock up as best as I can, and see what to do. Still haven't heard anything back from Fox
  8. I sent an email to fox last night, so hopefully they get back with me with info on the port dimensions. If their prefab box will be adequate, then I'd be perfectly happy just buying something and putting it all in rather than having to build something. I'm sure it isn't something someone could pin down exactly, but how exactly does the port length change the quality/power? I can understand area, but there are plenty of ways to get a port that is 14.45"sq so does shape really matter so long as the port length is correct? Correct me if I'm wrong but a port would need to be something about 3"x5"x19" to hit the specs for that sub of 14.45"^2 and 19" length. 19" port length seems like it would be difficult to get anywhere in that box.
  9. The wood portion I could build entirely on my own if I had their molded bottom part and knew what dimensions to do the wood. I have all the tools and skills needed to do the labor, just no idea how to do the design. Modding a prefab box wouldn't be ideal, but may be doable. On their site, their single vented box is stated at 1.85ft^3. So even if that were slightly overstated, it is more than the suggested 1.25ft^3 Skar calls for this sub. And if I wanted to use two of them since I have them, the dual vented box is stated as 1.55ft^3 on each side. So that might actually be close to what I would need. My question would be how important is the port area and port length that is mentioned by Skar for an enclosure? Fox doesn't list those on their site, so no idea how that would work. Was your buddy running the same sub?
  10. In posting that picture, I got the idea that I could probably buy a fox box and just modify it to fit my purpose. Anyone have any experience with their quality?
  11. It will have to be under the back seat(s). These truck have stupid molded cargo areas so a rectangular box can't be used. So it would need to be something like this picture, except for a single 8" Skar ZVX8.
  12. I need a box for my 2015 Ram Crew Cab for a single 8" Skar ZVX8. Needs a giant box, but space in this truck is stupid. I have been speaking to someone from a company called Sound Off Audio who said he could build it, but then told me I'd have to bring it to him in Panama City, FL. I'm in New Mexico, so I can't justify a 3k mile road trip for a sub box. We have a couple mediocre audio shops here and I've had two of them build mediocre boxes for $500 each in the past so I don't care to go that route again. I have a table saw, clamps, glue, etc as I have a hobby wood shop. I could build it myself if someone told me what dimensions I needed to make it as I don't fully understand how to build ports and such. I'm up to paying a pro for that plan and building my own, or if you guys know anyone in this area that can help me out, I'd appreciate it.
  13. That is what I've decided to do. Just gonna stick with the single Skar ZVX8 since I already have it. Though I believe I'm going to have the box built for me since I can't figure the math on it. I've been talking to a guy from a company called Sound Off Audio. Anyone familiar? I need to figure out which amp to get. I had considered the Skar and of course the Skar folks agree. The other mentioned amp taramps hd3k which seems like it would be overkill for this single sub, but price wise, it is only $20 more than the Skar 1000w amp, so maybe a better buy? Any other suggestions?
  14. Life is short. A year is long. Being happier for a year doesn't sound like wasted time to me. I've heard multiple single 8" sub systems that sounded pretty good. I'm not looking to compete here. I guess it also might be worth mentioning that I spend about 4-6 hours on average a day in my truck for work. So it isn't like I'm banging across town to my job at home depot. I basically live in the thing.
  15. I'll have to look into that amp. Never heard of the company before. Exact amount of room? I have no idea. These trucks were not at all designed to build stereo systems in. I have to maintain my truck as a fully functioning vehicle, so can't lose seats. I can lift the seats a bit I believe, but from the boxes I've seen sold online, I think about 1.5ft^3 of space is about all you can get without chopping up metal, which I'm not willing to do because I only intend to have this truck for about a year. Up facing is the only way. So that would eliminate a t line. I listen primarily to garbage rap. Radio stuff. But I also listen to jazz, r&b, the occasional classic rock, some rock/metal and a small bit of country. I may consider doing this. I actually have 5 of the skars and a crescendo 3500 that I pulled from a lexus I bought/sold. I was planning to put 4 and the amp in my escalade one of these days, but haven't gotten around to it. Figured if I had the one left over, and could put it in the truck and it be a big improvement from the factory 150 rms alpine sub, then I wouldn't be wasting anything I already had. I could always just bite the bullet and buy the f8ls, but I still don't know about an enclosure of adequate size. I've seen one that is 1.5ft^3 but I believe it is sealed and doubt that number accounts for sub displacement as well. I've built a couple boxes in my day, but they weren't very good because I don't really understand the math. Got the tools and skills to put them together if I knew what to build though.