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  1. I could do 2 sealed or 1 ported with adequate box sizes. No way I can get 3 in there without serious body modification.
  2. Going an all new direction isn't my preferred choice, as I already have these subs, so may as well use them. I'm thinking about slapping together a couple boxes to get a rough idea what the difference would be. 1 sealed at spec size, 1 ported at spec size. If the 1 sealed makes me happy, then two sealed would definitely make me happy. If 1 ported makes me happy, then that makes things even easier. If neither does it for me, then maybe I'll try two ported and then find some creative way to get that much airspace in the truck. So I'll see how I feel about doing that and see if I've got the scraps laying around to do it without spending anything. I hate putting money into testing. I think the factory sub is good for 150 RMS watts. So even 1 of these Skars in a choked up sealed box should outperform the alpine setup exponentially. It has been many years since I've had a stereo with real bass, so I may not want as much as I did when I was 18. In my old impala I had a couple RFR3112s on RF mono amps and those things went hard. Things have come a LONG way since then, so now these little 8s I've got are supposedly making about the same power for much less money than I spent back in the day.
  3. Appreciate the response, but I've already got the Skars. Those subs do look pretty sweet, but I'd be out over $400 buying two to get only 200rms more than running one of the Skars that I already have. So that seems like negative return on investment there. Different story if I were sub shopping as I do like the idea of them since they like small enclosures.
  4. Just got into this truck. 2015 Ram Crew Cab. Was hoping to get a mega cab for better options as far as stereo went, but didn't shake out in the end. Anyway, it has the 8.4 uconnect and alpine system. The speakers in the dash sound a little tinny, so I may get around to replacing those. Door speakers seem fair. But I miss bass. Big bass. I listen to primarily rap, so if it is a little muddy, I can tolerate it, but don't want it to sound like garbage. I happen to have a handful of subs laying around that came out of a car I bought. 5 of them actually. Skar zvx8's. They're meaty little things. I was hoping to use 1 or 2 of them in this truck. I've got a huge amp that can push 4 of them at peak, but I'll probably be looking for another amp for this truck to power 1 or 2. So enclosure - Skar's site says these things like 1.25ft^3 ported or .65ft^3 sealed. I don't think I can get a box in there that is 2.5ft^3 so I guess where I'm at is wondering if I'd be better off with a box that is undersized and ported with 2, properly sized ported with 1, or 2 sealed. What do you guys think? I like things to shake, but SQ does matter. If anyone has any experience with these subs, these trucks, boxes for them, the 8.4 uconnect system intricacies, etc I'd be glad to get some input.
  5. Jtyson

    Scored some gear in a car purchase

    Yeah I'm definitely not committing to any crazy ideas yet. Once I'm done working on the car that I pulled the gear out of, then I'll take the time to go over my truck and see what can be done within reason. I don't mind doing metal fab work, so long as the amount of work would be worth it in the end. Building whatever box I need I can do as well without much complaint other than the fabric. I wouldn't even consider any of this if I had to pay someone else to build or install. I'm all about bang for buck. Please feel free to continue throwing opinions my way. Definitely open minded to hear anyone's ideas. Or if you've done anything crazy along the same lines, share your methods!
  6. Jtyson

    Scored some gear in a car purchase

    I'm compiling the info I've been getting. Please, check me on my thoughts and let me know if I'm off track anywhere. So on Skar's site, suggested box size is 1.25^3 for a ported enclosure. Sealed is significantly smaller at .65^3. Crescendo says that the amp will put out 3875 @ 1 ohm, 1900 @ 2 ohm, and 1150 @ 4 ohm. Here are a couple hypothetical situations. Getting numbers from the12volt. 1 - 4 of these subs, wired for RMS wattage about 3600 @ 1 ohm final load. 2 - 3 of these subs, wired for RMS wattage about 2700 @ 1.34 ohm final load 3 - 2 of these subs, wired for RMS wattage about 1800 @ 2 ohm final load 4 - 1 sub, wired for RMS wattage about 900 @ 4 ohm final load My thoughts on those options. 1 - I would LOVE to be able to put 4 of these in the truck for the wow factor and some killer power. But I'm not sure that is a realistic goal without giving up truck function, having to spend too much money I wasn't planning to spend, and a lot of work. 2 - Not really any more likely to work than 4. But leaves me with an even number of subs to sell. 3 - Seems the most realistic of the options without sacrificing too much sound. No it isn't 4, but still almost as much RMS wattage as I had back in the day with my RFR3112s. 4 - Definitely the easiest to build for. Just not sure how pleased I would be with the output of a single sub of this stature. Also, feel like that is a lot of amp to be used on a single 8" sub. Some questions for clarification Is it true that the higher the ohm final load, the less stress there is on components? Alright, this may be a ridiculous question, but has anyone cut out floor and made more space? I could lift my seats a bit, but don't think I can get near enough to either fire subs up or down. I am a metal fabricator and possess all the tools and ability to effectively increase the volume of my floor pan in the cab to accommodate a custom build, but I wouldn't want to delve into that unless I know for sure it would be worthwhile. That is a LOT of work to do right. But being that would move the drivers or the cones "outside" the regular square area of the cab, would that affect the sound? How about custom seats? Or maybe just cutting out foam to get more clearance for the box? Is there a box building calculator that will spell everything out? Or someone on here that happens to be a box guru that will share their knowledge? I've got the skills and tools to build my enclosure, but admittedly, the math perplexes me big time. Calculating volume, port size, etc just doesn't really click with me. Ultimately I need to know what size enclosure I can build before I can really decide on how many, if any I'm going to put in the truck. For box building, if you're building a box for 2 subs instead of just 1, does the needed area increase exponentially, or is the volume calculation different? Especially considering port area and length. I know this would fall under box building ultimately, but I'm trying to figure out how much room I really need. With box building, do odd shapes cause any sound issues? I don't mean egg shaped, but for example, say a box that looks like the shape of the letter L. Subs mounted on the upright surface and the lower leg for port/volume. I'm not sure if that wording even makes sense, so hopefully someone can answer or at very least try and translate my thought.
  7. Jtyson

    Scored some gear in a car purchase

    Hoping to get done working on this car today and then maybe this evening or tomorrow I'll have time to start looking into what I would need to do. I do have an aftermarket Pioneer head unit in there now. But I'm not entirely sure what will need to be done to bypass the bose amplifier. I know I've seen guys talk about doing it on the duramax forum I'm on, so I'm sure I'll be able to figure it out. Question for you guys about mounting depth. How deep into the box can the speaker sit? Like how close can the back of the magnet be to the other side of the box? Just curious about building a down firing enclosure. 2" of lift would only give me about 8" of space from floor to bottom of the seat. Those subs are 8.5" from surround to bottom when not firing. So I feel like 2" wouldn't get me where I need to be for that particular setup
  8. Jtyson

    Scored some gear in a car purchase

    Yeah these trucks are power hungry. Though to be entirely truthful, I'm not sure what amp alternator is in them from the factory, so it very well could be running at the very top of its capability just operating standard vehicle functions. I've had 3 of these trucks and every one of them dims the headlights at night when I hit the window switches and load the window motors. I've been working out the other bugs on this car so I haven't really had the time to start digging into specs, wiring, enclosures, etc. I really miss big bass. My truck has the bose factory system with that tiny little sub, which is better than nothing. But even the little powered 10" kicker I had in the last one was more capable. The idea of getting some of these in my truck is exciting. Hopefully I can get good news when I measure things. Or worst case scenario, hopefully I can sell the whole lot of them for a decent chunk of change.
  9. Jtyson

    Scored some gear in a car purchase

    I've got a diesel truck so I'm already running two batteries. Single alternator though. I could probably upgrade batteries and add a second alternator if I needed to, but I'd like to keep things cheap if I do go that route. I need to do some reading on these particular subs I guess before I decide what to do. My idea of a center console box was simply to preserve my usable space. I know under the rear seat would probably be my best bet though. I'll have to do some measuring and see what sort of cubic footage I can get out of either area with a reasonable amount of work that leaves my space as functional as it is now. One question for you guys based on the suggestion...why the port facing the driver's seat? In such a small cab, does that really make much of a difference? Also, to point them up, I'd probably have to lift my seat, or build a custom rear seat setup as I believe floor to seat clearance is only about 6" now. Think the sub with excursion is probably closer to 9-10" plus mounting and such would mean I'd need to double my clearance. Yeah I knew one way or the other I'd be unloading the capacitor as they are pretty worthless. I didn't take any great pictures of the box, but this is what I have on my phone right now. Basically you see 3 in front here, then there are two on the back, with a PVC bell adapter used as a port. The box is symmetrical front to back with the speakers leaning like you see. Speaker wire goes in through the port, box isn't supported on the inside and is only 5/8" board, not sure of cubic area, odd shape, etc. They did go to the extent to seal all the screw holes and seams though. [ATTACH=CONFIG]26556319[/ATTACH]
  10. Well, I bought a car for my sister and along with it came some car audio equipment that I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with. For a long while now, I've wanted to put something in my truck, but being a truck that has to function, I'm pretty limited. Anyway, this is what I got. 5 Skar ZVX 8 Dual 2 ohm subs Crescendo bc3500 amp Powermax alternator (Came with stock too so I can swap that back in) 1/0 wiring 2 Farad cap Custom box that is pretty terrible. The system wasn't hooked up when I took the car. I tied it in to test it, and sure enough, it all works, and pretty well. Although for a potential 4500 RMS watts, I feel like it should have been doing much more. Back in the day, I had an impala with 2 RFR3112 and 2 bd1000 amps that easily outdid what these were doing. Granted, the box these Skars are in is pretty bad and I'm sure not tuned right. Not sure how they're wired either, so no clue what the amp is putting out. I didn't know about Skar before getting these. Guess they're basically Sundown tail riders. Whatever. If they perform similar, that isn't necessarily a bad deal. I had always thought about putting a couple SA8s or x8s in my truck somehow. So where I'm at now is deciding whether I should try and find a way to cram 1-5 of these things in my truck, or sell any combo of them to recoup some money on the vehicle purchase. What are you guys thinking? If I should keep, got any covert ideas for a 2006 GMC Crew Cab? I was considering building a custom console with room for some. Or maybe under the back seat if I were to modify things for them to fit. Anyone know how picky these are about space? Perform better sealed/ported? If I should sell them, how much do you guys think is fair for what I've got? I have zero clue on the used market for these.