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  1. venoxcide

    Orlando, FL Recommendations?

    I live off of Kirkman, I feel you. This 100ºF everyday *****.
  2. venoxcide

    Orlando, FL Recommendations?

    I do have power/ground. I'd rather use something that I know is proper true gauge and OFC than have them use some cheap amp kit with CCA. And good idea, I will ask if it's cheaper if I supply my own speaker wire! Thanks.
  3. venoxcide

    Orlando, FL Recommendations?

    I just got quoted $600 from another place and the told me that most of the money is for running the new speaker wire, so I'm guessing most places would be around the same?
  4. venoxcide

    Orlando, FL Recommendations?

    Hi all, I have a 2014 Ford Fusion SE that I'm looking to do an install on. I'm in Orlando, FL and am looking around to find a good shop with a reasonable price. I have all the equipment already taken from my previous car, which I've installed myself but because this car is newer and I'll be integrating into the factory radio, I'd rather have it done by someone with more experience. What I need to be installed: |- AudioControl LC2i |- 4x Kicker KS 6.5" Coaxials |- Run new 16GA wire for speakers to multichannel amp. |- Run power/ground for two amplifiers. Physically installing/tuning the amplifiers and subwoofers I can do myself. I basically just need all the wiring done and the door speakers installed as well as have the LC2i installed somewhere where it's accessible. I had a shop called On Point Audio quote me around $700 for this, I'm not sure if thats a reasonable price. Any general advice/tips is also welcome! EDIT: I Realize this post is in the wrong section, apologies!