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  1. youdoofus

    Pioneer Stage 4 PRS-D4200F

    Looks like the typical Korean stuff from higher end mfgs or higher lines. Doesnt look super special, but does look pretty dang nice. If you can get it for a decent price, do it, if it isnt cheaper than the regular 4 channel thats available for like $150, id let it slide
  2. youdoofus

    Amp in power protect

    fwiw, its probably dead. i bet you fried a cap inside it, hence the whine noise
  3. youdoofus

    Amp in power protect

    what happens when you hook it up with no speakers connected to it?
  4. youdoofus

    wanting some amp help

    does this android unit not have RCA outputs? Also, what country are you in? Much of the stuff available here in the US is not available in other contries. There may be similar or identical products, but not the exact same. Im personally against the hi/lo (aka Line Out Converters you will see referred to as LOCs) if the deck has RCA outs as the quality is day and night. Are you prepared to run speaker wire back up to the front and through the rubber door boot to amplify the fronts? Sometimes you can get to the wires inside the car that go to the door speakers and just tap into them from there, but its not the best idea as opposed to running new wire. What will your budget be overall to do this as youre going to need to account for RCAs, speaker wire power wire, ground, fuses etc etc etc
  5. youdoofus

    2003 Civic coupe install

    as stated, 2003 Civic coupe, these things are tiny, trying to guess what length of RCAs is need. 25' seems too long and so does 20'. Anyone install stuff in one of these? i have the 4 gauge ofc for pwr and gnd already, remote turn on wire and the deck is coming very soon. Just trying to get an idea on length for other stuff and and headaches anyone has suffered in one of these, altho i cant imagine many in such a simple car
  6. youdoofus

    $200 budget

    yeah, the price is lower than some of the $80 subs, but will it perform as well as 2 AB XD 12"s?
  7. youdoofus

    $200 budget

    looks like a rebadged CT sounds
  8. youdoofus

    Help Needed - New Subs Are Quiet

    np ok, then dont tap off the rears, tap off the sub. itll already be eq'd and x-ed over and all that, but itll probably work the best with your otherwise stock stereo. When i had my 03 Maxima, i went to the scrap yard to get the opposite end of the molex plug so i could get straight signal that was intended for the sub and put an rca end on it, worked like a charm
  9. youdoofus

    $200 budget

    yep, saw that. Not interested in a recone right out of the gate. AB XD 12" it is for me then
  10. youdoofus

    $200 budget

    i dunno about that man. some decent subs can be had for a hundo each. now you have me torn between the american bass XD 12 and the yard sale e series............ ugh.... LOL im still gonna be running the SoundQubed S1-1250 and have it at 2 ohms (dont trust the kid with 1 ohm in a box tuned to about 35 hz) The E series looks great!! The yard sale stuff works as it should, right?
  11. youdoofus

    is it worth amplifying my speakers

    sheeeeeeeyit, i wish!! esp if its all been recapped. But sadly, no. Anyways, OP amplify everything you can. Not kidding. Amp it all. F*CK DECK POWAAH!!!
  12. youdoofus

    2012 Jetta w/Fender system questions

    get a DSP, run output signal from stock h/u to it, run rca signal from dsp to amps, rewire for amps, connect new amps to new speakers, configure dsp, go eat sammich, probably in your car because it sounds too good to leave after following this set of instructions
  13. youdoofus

    Single Din Units W/ Screen + Bluetooth/Navi/Sub?

    i can fit 13 coeds in the trunk of my accord with the aid of a chainsaw
  14. youdoofus

    Amplifier -- Sub -- PSU -- Speakers

    decks will only pull about 10 amperes even at full tilt, hence why they are fused that way. The yellow ones are usually +12v and the black ones ground. Blue and red are usually 3.3 and 5 respectively. A cheap DMM will help you with determining which are which beyond the color coding i provided Get a fuse container and sum them all up on the post in it, find out what amperage the psu can put out and fuse to a hair below that. E.g. if it says itll put out 4 amps, fuse it to 35. The 500 watt psu should put out around 70 or so, but the diagram on the bottom of the unit should tell you what kind of power it is capable of. The big molex is the only one that has any +12v at all or any worth giving a f*ck about. but seriously, get a plank of wood, or something not metallic to mount the PSU, the fuse bock and a ground coupling block to in avoidance of any variables that could cause you issues
  15. youdoofus

    Single Din Units W/ Screen + Bluetooth/Navi/Sub?

    Matlock? Im familiar with the show, but ohhhhhhhh the ancient car i get it now
  16. youdoofus

    JVC KW-V830BT, Android Auto, and Galaxy S8+

    the phone recognizes that youre moving they all can, the app is just poor in comparison
  17. youdoofus

    Help Needed - New Subs Are Quiet

    id have the LOC gains at about 75 to 80% of full then turn your gains on your amp loooooow AF and bring your volume up to where youd never turn it past (mine goes to 40, and i set my gains when at 32 even tho i usually cap out at 30 on the volume dial) then adjust the gains on your amp. Also, might want to take the subs back out and make sure one of those wires didnt get disconnected. That happens all the time. Youd be surprised
  18. youdoofus

    Line Out Converter channel summing...

    audio controls diagram looks stupid comparing it to the words described to say how it works. Its like this, if you have a factory system that uses front tweeters and front mids and you want to run that converted signal to your amp to one speaker or a set of comps that have a passive crossover, then youll want to sum the factory tweet and mid into one L/R pair to your amp but if youre going to amplify the tweets and mids all separately, then dont sum. It will basically put a pair of already signals that are already crossed over into one signal in case youre not going to bi amp your speakers
  19. youdoofus

    Amplifier -- Sub -- PSU -- Speakers

    first thing you need to know is that you need to get away from the watt ratings of a psu if youre using it outside of its intended purpose. Computer PSUs output voltage and amperage. Typically all PSUs will output 3.3, 5 and 12 volts. You want to ignore the 3.3 and 5 volt wires. The 12 volt wires are usually coming from a singular transformer, just split into multiple wires so that the molex plugs they connect to can evenly distribute the power where it needs to go. You arent using it for that anymore, so youre best off just cutting the molex off and summing them on something metal and insulated as to avoid sparks etc, but still get the full amperage you can from the PSU. If you dont do this, youll run the risk of trying to pull too much current thru tiny ass wires and thereby heating them past the point where their shielding is designed to protect them at, it melting or burning, then FOOM, fire... Anyways, the deck needs +12v and gnd(which can also be obtained from the PSU) so does the amp. The deck will have a "constant" and a "switched" for +12v, and unless you plan on leaving the psu on at all times (HORRIBLE IDEA) youre going to run into the need of resetting your bass/treble etc etc if theyre digitally controlled inside the deck or find some alternate source of a tiny amount of +12v and a ground to maintain the internal memory on the deck and use the PSU for its main power. the red and whites youre talking about are rca's for audio out from the deck to the amp. and yes, you then connect the sub to the amp. anyways, are you sure you understand the risks of playing with 12 volts in a home situation? Its a great idea on finding a way to burn everything you own to the ground if youre not taking precautions. If youre just cannibalizing a dead desktop pc to run some old car audio stuff in your house instead of spending a little bit of cash on a plate amp or a used PA amp, you had better know what youre doing man. It doesnt sound like you do since youre trying to use a 250 watt psu on a deck AND an amp. I use a 450 watt psu for testing car stuff just to see if it powers up and if itll play music at all, difference is that my 450 watt psu has been properly converted and i know how many amperes it outputs vs the drap on the stuff im hooking up is
  20. youdoofus

    Single Din Units W/ Screen + Bluetooth/Navi/Sub?

    this is why i recommended going to a junk yard and getting a different panel. Also, most install bezels have templates you could use as a guide. Use several layers of painters tape on the area you want to not scuff, mark the diameter of the hole that needs to be cut and cut it with a recipriocating handsaw with a pretty fine blade. Too fine and itll get too hot and cause melting, too wide and itll rip the shit out of the plastic. The guy at the hardware store should be able to recommend something, but always take minimum pay employee advice with a grain of salt. Cut the hole about 1/16" smaller than it needs to be and then make some razor marks in the line you marked the template on the tape with, peel the tape back and sand it the rest of the way. Might want to wear a breathing mask for this last part, ill also not tell you not to wear one while cutting. Dont use a dremel, itll just melt the plastic if you go too slow and its hard to keep a good line when moving fast enough to avoid the melting issue damn near all double dins have a backup camera input
  21. youdoofus

    Help Needed - New Subs Are Quiet

    adjust the gains on the LOC
  22. youdoofus

    Help Needed - New Subs Are Quiet

    check the gains on the line out converter first
  23. youdoofus

    car audio swag

    it does seem as tho that since the advent of custom t's being so easily available that the polo with embroidery is a dying thing :(
  24. youdoofus

    car audio swag

    im prepared for the trolling, so if it any of you have a round loaded in the chamber waiting for a shot like this, go for it. I am a fan of work shirts and a bigger fan of polos with logos of the brands of stuff i like. I have a J Pechauer shirt (pool cues), a SoundQubed one too xtant etc etc etc but would like some more like Phoenix Gold Rockford etc etc. Where is a good place to shop for that kind of stuff?