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  1. youdoofus

    Sunfire sub

    im fond of my Def Tech sub. It could definitely do more, but im sure its doing what it was designed to do. I got all my gear used and at a complete bargain. That Jamo center channel was $50 + $4 in gas to get it. The second pair of Def Techs were about $140 with shipping.
  2. youdoofus

    Sunfire sub

    ikr? tvs should just come with them. i work at sams part timeand i just lay it on thick for the reasons why theyll need one if they dont get one with the tv theyre buying lol. and theyre super easy to set up too
  3. youdoofus

    best 12" for $100

    id like to utilize the 60/40 fold down for a slot port, or should i point the port to the rear like usual?
  4. youdoofus

    best 12" for $100

    you got some box designs for them too?
  5. youdoofus

    DS18? Newbie alert

    good choices. SQ makes decent subs and their amps are hard to beat for bang for your buck. just get the box built to spec and built well (make sure to use corner 45s) and youll be bangin
  6. youdoofus

    best 12" for $100

    sweet. ill look into those options too, but i am liking the AB XD so far. gonna look at the motor quick
  7. youdoofus

    best 12" for $100

    this guy?
  8. youdoofus

    DS18? Newbie alert

    depends on how many woofers youre getting and what amp. if its one woofer and a 1 ohm stable amp (most new amps are 1 ohm stable when theyre monoblocks) 1 woofer 1 amp get 2 dual 2 ohm. 2 woofers 1 amp, get dual 4 on each sub
  9. youdoofus

    DS18? Newbie alert

    dude, youd be surprised what you can do with a couple good 8" subs. the F8L from SSA is SICK!! @denim can attest to that
  10. youdoofus

    Replacement for 12W7 cone cover?

    youre gonna want to stick with the PSI drop ins. they sometimes have a wait for them, but are usually worth it
  11. youdoofus

    DS18? Newbie alert

    your image failed
  12. youdoofus

    best 12" for $100

    amp will be a soundqubed 1250 or 850. custom ported box with corner 45s etc etc. 03 civic coupe
  13. youdoofus

    DS18? Newbie alert

    indeed. @denim i just started a new thread asking for what the best 12" sub for $100 is. Can you throw down in there for me? Trying to build a boom boom for the kiddos 03 civic coupe. Got the amp figured, itll be a soundqubed 1250 or the 850
  14. youdoofus

    best 12" for $100

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaand go!!
  15. youdoofus

    Sunfire sub

    BAAAAHAHAHAHA!!! Nice!! im a big fan of certain premade speakers, but yes, many suck (insert klipsch here). You should watch some videos on youtube from "mystonermind" that guy has a SMD 18" that he has in his living room that he powers with a paltry 1000 watts from a butt kicker amp and im sure it rumbles pretty good. Id like to go bigger with the sub, but the fiancee would kill me. We shall see tho, i did find one of my old Rockford HE2 12's that i got in late '99. and theres a homie on here that has a plate amp that i can get for cheap and my brother builds cabinets for a living, so im sure i can employ his help in making a box. He might even have access to some decent wood. Man, if he can get some oak or something like that, id be super stoked