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  1. youdoofus

    Subwoofer help Please!

    ahhhh. gotcha. so the sub performs as it should, but its become an issue of company integrity. i can appreciate that. sucks that it happened to such a great brand like ID
  2. youdoofus

    Subwoofer help Please!

    for real? i thought post-buyout they kept true to the old design and basically made the same stuff as always. No new R&D (as we all hoped there would be) but it was still solid stuff. Or was that JUST the IDQ line?
  3. youdoofus

    Best High-End Woofer For SQ?

    https://www.parts-express.com/open-box-re-audio-xxx12-v2-2-12-cast-frame-dvc-subwoofer-2-2-ohm--86-268-8150 its an open box, but it has a warranty
  4. youdoofus

    Subwoofer help Please!

    image dynamics FTW?
  5. youdoofus

    Hertz Coax or Comp sets...

    Hertz makes good stuff, but theyre pretty spendy. Have you thought of going active instead?
  6. youdoofus

    Lanzar Opti 1400D Amp Dyno

    ill check it out in a bit
  7. youdoofus

    Amplifiers have no power

    also could make a small jumper wire to connect the +12v to the rem turn on to test it out.
  8. youdoofus

    In line volume control

    welcome to the forum! use a PAC LC-1 https://www.amazon.com/PAC-LC-1-Remote-Amplifier-Controller/dp/B0002J226O rca in from the source, rca out to the amp, attenuate from the knob
  9. youdoofus

    boland audio

    im not talking about distortion, im talking about noise floor
  10. youdoofus

    boland audio

    one of the things that Bernie stressed with me on the phone was the noise floor. Yes, cars are the furthest thing from ideal as far as noise goes, but to eliminate as much as possible before adding the noise of the car into the equation would be a good step to take.
  11. youdoofus

    Dayton DSP first looks

    dude, if you need more than 10 bands of parametric equalization, than youre likely doing it wrong
  12. youdoofus

    Need help choosing the right HO ALT

    dang bro, and i was gonna make a joke about choosing an alt ho instead of a HO alt.
  13. youdoofus

    Kicker ZR600

    i hate kicker with all that i am, but i cant disrespect the power these amps made. the ZR1000s were used by tons of folks and made shit tons of power, so i imagine that the ZR600 does the same. Didnt bigdwiz do a dyno test on the ZR1000?
  14. youdoofus

    Help choosing 6.5

    right on. yeah, its running off a Denon receiver and i have a DefTech powered 10" sub for the low end, so the bass response being that low isnt what im after necessarily. I was also looking at the silver flutes as another non pa style driver for a smoother response
  15. no problem. also check out the http://www.caraudioclassifieds.org/forum/ this is where i bought my SQ2200.1. Active sales on there, but a huge portion of the ex-forum users went to facebook. Go on there and find the skar appreciation page and youll likely find MANY other pages where you can list those items for sale and im certain that an old school skar fan will snatch em up quick