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  1. dsw1204

    Pyle PLA485 / Morel Tempo Ultra 602

    You can do so much better than that Pyle amp. I'd say get the Pioneer GM-D9605 5-channel amp. This way you have the amp to push a sub when you decide to get one. And, it's only $208 on Amazon. Much better power for your Tempo Ultras than the Pyle, also.
  2. dsw1204

    Single 12" / Amplifier $400 Budget

    I like my setup. The Tempo Ultras are phenomenal. Just make sure to properly deaden the doors, give them enough power and you'll be in heaven, especially with that HO.
  3. dsw1204

    Single 12" / Amplifier $400 Budget

    How about a Dayton HO 12 coupled with an Infinity kappa k600. The Dayton is a great sub and Crutchfield has that amp on sale for $150. Parts Express is selling that sub for $150, also. That's $300 for the sub and amp. Won't be as loud as your Soundqubed setup, but you said you don't rattle the neighbors' windows, anyhow. Just an option.
  4. dsw1204

    Who wants to give it a shot?

    No, you misspelled Russia.
  5. dsw1204

    Who wants to give it a shot?

    It looks good, but it's from Russia. If I didn't care about my money, then maybe I'd check it out. But, I do care and IT'S FROM RUSSIA.
  6. dsw1204

    what are the best dsp for the money right now?

    It looks like the Dayton Audio DSP-408 is on sale, right now, for $149. Might be worth the fewer crossover slopes and EQ bands.
  7. Wow, this site seems to be faster than I have ever experienced in the past. Love it!!! Don't know what was done, but whatever it was...keep it up!!!
  8. So, what's up with this site? Why is it so slow these days?
  9. dsw1204

    Need help with my Eclipse CD8053

    That did not help. Since I originally did not activate the ESN, the directions in the manual did not apply. However, I did finally get a hold of someone at Eclipse (on the phone) that did know the proper procedure to get it running again. And, now, I do have my CD8053 running properly. And, to prevent this from happening again, I DID activate the ESN. This way, if I have to disconnect the battery again, I will have the proper procedures listed in the manual to follow to get it up and running again.
  10. dsw1204

    Need help with my Eclipse CD8053

    Yeah, that's an idea. Even though I did not purchase it from them, it couldn't hurt to ask. I don't think they became an Eclipse dealer when the CD8053 was around, but they do have great service and maybe they can (and will) help.
  11. dsw1204

    Need help with my Eclipse CD8053

    Yeah, I figured that. That's why I am trying here.
  12. I have an Eclipse CD8053 head unit that was installed without the ESN activated. The other day, I had a car problem that required me to disconnect the battery. When I reconnected the battery, my CD8053's display was saying "SECURITY" and underneath that the was "FFFFFFFFFFF". I tried resetting the unit and it still says "SECURITY" but underneath it now says 7B300696. I tried emailing Eclipse and hoping to get the proper codes from them but they have yet to respond back. It's been about 4-5 days ago that I sent the email. So, I am trying here. Might anybody have those codes? I really like this head unit. I'd hate to have to give it up for a newer one.
  13. dsw1204

    Top five amplifier companies?

    I believe I had spoken to Mr. Thompson a few months back and he told me that even marinized, you don't want direct contact with water. And, that is what is said on their website in their "Marine Amplifiers" section. My guess is if you truly want a waterproof amplifier, you propably want a Wet Sounds amp.
  14. dsw1204

    Top five amplifier companies?

    I am sorry, but you are wrong about submerging marinized Mmats amps and expecting them to work. They are only meant to withstand moderatley damp environments and are not supposed to have any direct contact with water. Here is a link from the Mmats website: Our marinizing process allows MMATS products to function in moderatley damp environments but they may never be submerged or be in direct contact with water. Salt water exposure is not recommended for any MMATS products as the lifespan will be severely limited. Also, if I am not mistaken, only the amp lines above the MD series are made in Florida. The MD line and below are made elsewhere, probably China.