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  1. Well I figured I'd need a dsp, I was looking at audison dsps cause ive heard they are nice. Just didn't know which one I'd need
  2. Hey guys, so I am planning out my speakers setup so I know what I need to buy and how much everything will be. I plan to run 2 6.5s each front door with a 3 and a tweet in the pillar area. Prob just gonna run coax in the rear doors. My thing is if all the speakers are 4ohm how tf do I wire everything up correctly? Woofer: Hertz ML 1650.3 Mid: Hertz ML 700.3 Tweet: Hertz ML 280.3 Coax: Hertz MPX 165.3 Pro I'm not even sure what amp(s) I should run. Thanks m8s
  3. CplCuddles

    New Alt, Low Voltage issues

    Ok so, I did swap out my alt. Still had issues, its been so bad its been dead everyday this week. Figured it had to be the battery, nothing else made sense. Drove to autozone and had them test it. Bad battery.. went to O'Reilly tied to tell me it can't be the battery while testing then when I told him I got it tested and they said it was bad then he agrees with me. I told him I wanted to warranty it due to it not even being a year old. He then sees my power wire and when we get inside tries to blame my "stereo." He said that they won't warranty any further issues, but I traded up for a yellowtop so hopefully I shouldn't. I don't see how it's possible that my 1500W system killed that battery. I had the same system in a car before it for longer, lower amp alt, and a non-agm battery. Tl;dr battery was the issue
  4. CplCuddles

    New Alt, Low Voltage issues

    Not even a year old. I was actually thinking about getting a Northstar AGM, I've heard those are perty gud. I got it tested at O'Riellys, dunno what kinda test they use, prob electronic.
  5. CplCuddles

    New Alt, Low Voltage issues

    I got the battery load tested (dunno if it tests the int resist) and they said its perfectly fine.... is that a thing? .-. how would I even test that..
  6. CplCuddles

    New Alt, Low Voltage issues

    Wouldn't let me edit my previous post (Pic1) 10A Unfused, on Amps DC. + probe on my neg wiring, - probe at batt - (Pic2) Initial jump up into the 1.7 amp range (Pic3) After about 2-3 seconds drops to .7ish amps (Pic4) After about 5-10 more seconds, drops to .17ish amps Then finally after another 30ish seconds drops to .05-.06 amps. (don't have pic of that)
  7. CplCuddles

    New Alt, Low Voltage issues

    Ok so update guys, I haven't figured out what has been the issue so far. I haven't been able to clean my throttle body and MAF Sensor, but I don't honestly see how that would make my battery die overnight tbh. I just got a new job finally so I should have income coming in to start actually fixing issues, but I still have to figure out what the f'ing issue is. Today I came out to my Tahoe after the night and it was sitting at 9.9V, I had to get it jumped for it to start. As soon as it started straight up into the 13Vs and when I started driving stable at 14.6V. I tested Voltage while the vehicle wasn't on and it said 10.1 with my Fluke DMM(My in-car VM was set with a cheepo dmm), at the battery and Alt. I did a parasitic draw test by disconnecting my neg batt terminal and using my dmm in amp mode and connect the - batt terminal and the negative hookup. Upon doing this it jumps to 1.7Amps for about 2 seconds, drops to .7Amps, then down to .16Amps and finally rests at .06Amps. I figure that is due to the computer etc etc. So if I have no current draw... how tf is my battery dying? Pics follow...
  8. CplCuddles


    Yes, switch the power and ground inputs on your amps. That will create an inverse polarity and that will lower it from 2ohms to 1ohm. Just be sure to double the amperage of the fuses on your amps. ʲᵏ ᵈᵒⁿᵗ ᵈᵒ ᵗʰᵃᵗ
  9. CplCuddles

    North Carolina!!!

    His "great" set up is 2 audiobahn flame q 15s and a boss blx4000. According to his other thread.
  10. CplCuddles

    New Alt, Low Voltage issues

    I dunno how I would increase my idle, that would dope. I wasn't aware that agms were lead acid, tells you how much I know about batteries.
  11. CplCuddles

    Increase Alt Idle output?

    I have solved that issue, kind of. I made a new thread for new issues, yay me. http://www.caraudio.com/forums/wiring-electrical-installation-help/637456-new-alt-low-voltage-issues.html Yep... new thread. http://www.caraudio.com/forums/wiring-electrical-installation-help/637456-new-alt-low-voltage-issues.html
  12. CplCuddles

    Firewall filler

    I use these, waterproof, No silicon needed.
  13. CplCuddles

    New Alt, Low Voltage issues

    I believe so, I got my codes ran today because my check engine has been on. What came up was.. P0332: Knock Sensor 2 Circuit Low P0430: Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 2
  14. CplCuddles

    New Alt, Low Voltage issues

    Right, I thought I understood the difference between a starting vs deep cycle, apparently not. I thought starting batts where lead acid. So, not all AGM are deep-cycle? Yeah Yeah Ik, I f'd up by getting it, you told me that back when I originally got it, but its like I've got it now so I gotta use it while I can. Might as well get somewhat of my monies worth out of it. Lame-o
  15. CplCuddles

    New Alt, Low Voltage issues

    I've looked it up, I can't find something definitive between say the redtop and the yellowtop other than it says its meant for starting applications.. but why? do you happen to know?