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  2. Maky

    Is this setup good????????

    because they sound like ****. Just have someone make a sealed box according to specs on the web page for the sub you go with.... I know first hand how difficult It is to find someone who knows how to make good ported boxes. HU: MVH-289BT - 6k Front Speakers: TS-D1730C - 15k Sub: TS-W1211D4 - 12k Sub AMP: GM-D8601 - 15k -------------------------------- Total - 48k Once again above prices are M.R.P and you should be able to source them for cheaper at your local shops. If you go with either of my subwoofer suggestions during installation you will tell the installer to wire the subwoofer in parallel. If he does not know what wiring in parallel means you will find another installer. I highly suggest going with the 74k M.R.P setup you will be very satisfied with the same or going with the above setup but replacing the MVH-289BT Head Unit with the DEH-X6900BT Head Unit.
  3. Maky

    Is this setup good????????

    [quote name='sn03']Hey @Maky, my budget is 45,000-50,000. And I'm gonna consider and follow the setup that you suggest as best for you within this budget. [b]Please help[/b]. You don't need to consider my needs, or anything that I've written above. [b]BTW Morel Elate 602[/b] costs 1.5 lakhs in eBay Sent from my Micromax AQ4501 using Tapatalk[/QUOTE] Sure and no I didn't plan on recommending anything to you from my signature. I have compiled the following setup for you: HU: MVH-289BT - 6k Front Speakers: TS-D1730C - 15k Sub: TS-W3003D4 - 12k Sub AMP: GM-D9601 - 20k ----------------------- Total: - 53k MRP The above is what most teens would end up being very satisfied with in my opinion. It provides no amplification to speakers and the bass completely overpowers. The HU is extremely basic but has a single pre-out for your subwoofer amplifier. Do note that the prices are in MRP and the actual cost should be 10-15% cheaper at your local shops so this fits well within your budget of 45-50k INR. Now, I have made a second setup for you should you want to upgrade to improved quality and output at higher total cost: HU: DEH-X6900BT - 12k Front Speakers: TS-D1730C - 15k Speakers AMP: GM-D8604 - 15k Sub: TS-W3003D4 - 12k Sub AMP: GM-D9601 - 20k ----------------------- Total - 74k MRP The above setup adds a significantly better HU than in the setup before with amplification going to your front speakers as well. I can make an even cheaper setup for you than the first one If money is tight but remember you get what you pay for. I have recommended this all Pioneer setup for you because aside from being better than Sony all the Pioneer parts mentioned come with bill, warranty and Pioneer is well supported in our country should you come across any issues. If you have any questions do post here.
  4. Maky

    Is this setup good????????

    Possibly but after I tried to help the last group of locals of his, presumably, age group I think they're very satisfied with ghetto banger SQ at given price point.
  5. Maky

    Is this setup good????????

    [quote name='Jeffdachef'] @Maky bro, can you meet up with this guy and show him what a loud and good sound system is like?[/QUOTE] Nope. If I audition my music system he will neither understand nor appreciate clean bass, I just mentioned low-end bass and nothing else because of his repeated emphasis on the same. Also, after reading the OP It's clear to me that he's very dependant/limited as he relies on his parents income for his future sound system. I Imagine he's a teenager still and wants what most teenagers want and will indeed be satisfied with what's available cheaply locally. Others I tried to help locally had similar goals, just wanted bass that 'shakes' a bit and they're happy no matter how distorted It sounded, most often being limited by budget to not be able to go even slightly higher. However, I will try my best to help on the forums. sn03 what is your budget in INR?