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  1. Can someone help me on how can I or what equipment I need to mirror my my phone to aftermarket double din most likely a Pioneer or Kenwood
  2. charleslatrelle

    Fosgate p3 or alpine type r

    Tru dat was jus wasn't sure which one would b better wit that amp
  3. charleslatrelle

    Fosgate p3 or alpine type r

    I have a fosgate prime 1200 watt rms amp and was wondering which subs would b better, two of the p3s seem like perfect match at 600 rms each, but I can get the alpine for same price at 1000 watt rms each but that seems like to much for my amp, which 2 should I get, thanks.
  4. charleslatrelle

    Kicker comp r

    Yea I been seein em now say 500 rms but I was tellin my homie a bout em but can't find em anywhere anymore
  5. charleslatrelle

    Kicker comp r

    I must b tripping then
  6. charleslatrelle

    Kicker comp r

    Is it me or do anyone remember a couple years ago kicker had comp r 12s that was 800 watts rms a piece