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  1. So what if my TA settings are in distance and not seconds? Who this make any changes to this method?
  2. jordon

    8" sub recommendations

    I have the nvx. They’re decent for what they are. But they struggle on lower notes. You can hear mechanical noise a lot more than normal anything I play below box tunning. But they’re also tuned at 36.
  3. jordon

    Been gone two years need advice for new 8 inch sub

    Just go to caraudioclassified dotcom and go to sundown under vendor and look for the most recent yard sale thread.
  4. jordon

    Been gone two years need advice for new 8 inch sub

    I would look at the sundown yard sale in car audio classified for an 8
  5. jordon

    Lovin' this 4th order

    Ces or ja alts are by far the cheapest. Also I ran two sa 12s on a taramps 8k at 2 ohm lol so they can handle some power long as you are careful.
  6. jordon

    Blauqunkt 8 order issue

    Yeah I’m happy with the outcome almost feel like I should of asked for something better lol
  7. jordon

    Blauqunkt 8 order issue

    yeah I was pretty surprised that they were willing to the swap lol.
  8. jordon

    Blauqunkt 8 order issue

    Yeah but I really wanted to see what I could do with them lol but oh well. Wonder how the nvx are.
  9. So if anyone had a shipping problem with their blauqunkt like I did, just so you know Walmart will give you another sub at the same price. So I got these two subs for $28 shipped. https://www.walmart.com/ip/NVX-VSW84V2-300-Watt-8-VS-Series-Version-2-Dual-4-Ohm-Car-Subwoofer/54988751 I just contacted customer service and they offered me a comparable item at the same price as the blauqunkt since it was out of stock. So I sent the nvx out on a limb and they actually agreed. I didn't try to be crazy with it but who knows.
  10. jordon

    JLJunkie's Retarded Budget Build

    Yeah I was hoping to install them this weekend lol
  11. jordon

    JLJunkie's Retarded Budget Build

    anyone else that ordered these 8's have delay shipping issues? They were suppose to arrive at the store on Wednesday for pickup but the shipping only has the manifest and nothing else.
  12. jordon

    So I just ordered 4 of these...

    Anyone have the cutout for the 8?
  13. jordon

    Sealed vs ib

    Firing to the rear I peaked low 40s but I couldn't get any decent numbers doing so.
  14. jordon

    Sealed vs ib

    Currently 33hz. But my car also has a ton of deadener and foam in it. My peak also shifts a lot with box position. port to the passanger side back corner was the highest and side firing on driver side of trunk was the lowest and loudest.
  15. jordon

    Sealed vs ib

    this install isn't for me. Asking for someone local. I could think of much besides sundown e/sa series from yard sale or pyle blue wave. They have a sounstream tn 1200.1. My install is the signature below. But I'm probably going to build a IB in my car as well. The current system is destroying it.