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  1. I hear ya. So I will upgrade the amp and sub instead of using my old stuff. That's the last thing I'll get and install. Is that ok to do last? I just picked up the car. Luckily you recommended the dongle and bluetooth because the head unit is only 3.25". Plus theres no USB ports. Surprising the Bose kit and sub it came with sounds better than I expected it would. But I'm 10000% going to be upgrading it asap lol. It's by no means great and I dont want to onky listen to the radio
  2. Lmao dude my problems are more important than gettin lit in Cancun. Thinj about that next time you decide to give advice then ditch.... kidding Yeah I'm gonna wire the sub I have. A sub will be the last thing I buy but it will be now something um including in the list for this build where as previously it was a distant upgrade. Do you have a sub reccomendation? N2 provided a link to a sub and box for it but options are always good. I'll start slowly buying all the things from your list in about a week.
  3. Jeff's a man with a plan! At least he factored in the use of my existing sub and amp. I'm going to buy everything off the 2 lists he provided then I'll buy the sub and box you recommended since I can hook up my current sub temporarily if I need to wait a few weeks before buying the new sub.
  4. That's what I was trying to ask yesterday. I was confused and wasnt sure what the plan was. I didnt know if I was running the 2 tweeters and 2 mids on a new 4 channel amp that @Jeffdachef said to buy or the one you recommended. Then run the sub I'm going to buy on my RF amp. I guess using 2 amps is what you mean by bridge? Or I wasnt positive if Jeff wanted me to run the sub and 4 speakers on a 4 channel amp that I'm going to be buying and not use the RF
  5. Last couple of questions that I can think of. Do you guys install a kill switch to cut off the power to the entire system? Or just to the sub? I had one for my sub when my cousins installed them on my first car. But I didnt upgrade anything else so not sure. Also will this drain a lot of power from my car both with the engine on or off? I cant see it creating worst mpg or anything but i can see it killing the battery or maybe making the alternator work overtime? Just thinking if theres any way for this build to hurt the car. Does the amp produce power so you're not draining the battery quicker? Should I only have the system powered up when the engine is on? And when the engine is off turn the system off also?
  6. Awesome man! Perfectly answered. I'm going to buy all the equipment that Jeffdachef listed plus your sub and box. The 4 channel amp he listed will run my 2 tweeters and 2 mids plus it will have a sub channel to run the sub you provided correct? So I wont actually be using the RF I already have. Which I think is a 2 channel? Now that I have a better understanding and I think everything I need including mounting kits and wires I'm crazy excited to get this car. Just changing the muffler and adding a hitch. Then it will be time to get to work on this build! Gotta watch tons of install videos to make sure I wire everything right. That's always been the scariest part to me. I'm very handy and have a decent mechanical mind but I dont know anything about electrical components. Once installed I'm going to need to ask 1000 questions on how to tune it because that I know next to nothing about.
  7. By the way is that box considered an infinity baffle? Since the face is not enclosed? Or does the rear have to be open more? I read you need wood extending out from the plane of the sub face but when you mount it in a sedan trunk it creates an enclosed space behind the sub anyways. The last box I had with 2 12s the faces were enclosed as well as the rear. The morano has the Bose audio package that you can upgrade to when the owners bought the car. I has a small Bose amp and sub as well. I'm assuming the package Jaydacheff put together is significantly better than this Bose package? Even if I switched the stock head unit out and ran the dsp to the Bose speakers and sub? Just wondering. I know Bose is an "upgraded" speaker company. I assume it's still going to be lower quality since it's from the manufacturer but figured I should definitley spend more if theres not much difference between the Bose and what I'm getting for tweeters and mids. But if it is by some odd chance good quality I'd like to make use of some of it. I doubt it though lol.
  8. Sorry again, I know it can be frustrating for you guys. I'm trying to ask the right questions and watch the right videos but the terminology has me getting confused and trying to sort out what I need to know vs what I dont need to know this minuet. Jeff's reccomendations added up to around $500. To reiterate, I'm willing to spend a little more if you guys think its necessary. When I first said $500 I didnt think about tweeters as well as mids 🤦🏻‍♂️. I'm also the type of person that likes to upgrade if I feel like the quality isnt right and spending a little more would go a long way. Dont want to buy something then feel like I have to buy something else soon after. But i trust your opinions, just saying I see people on here with setups way over $1k lol. This is the kicker impulse sub I have and Rockford fosgate 800a2 amp. I've used the amp on my first car with 2 12s but they were stolen while I had them in my room at my college house. The kicker is a 10", for some reason I thought jt was a 12". Is the 10" gonna be too small? Should I buy a 12" instead or could I buy a 2nd 10" and run the 2 10s together? Which option would be best if the 10" kicker isnt enough alone? Thanks again for your opinions/input! And most of all dealing with my incompetence 😔
  9. Is that amp you're using the same one I have? Rockford 800a2? How is it?
  10. Lol definitely dont want anything to be gross. How do I figure out what the proper orientation and ported enclosure is for the sub and my trunk? Just to reiterate I'm getting a 05 Nissan morano. I believe the trunk doesn't have a cover either. Also I was asking based off @Jeffdachef reccomendations he provided a 4 channel amp I believe for the 2 tweeters and 2 mids. Which means he was planning to have me use my current amp and sub together right? Lastly, just started doing some research. I know I'm getting ahead of myself with this question but with the dsp and time alignment. If I am setting it for the distance to the drivers ears what happens to the sound for the person next to me in the passenger seat? I'd I set it for the distance to the drivers seat will it noticeably decrease the sound quality for the passenger?
  11. Yes what I meant was is the sub going to be cohesive with the additions I'm putting with it. But I also was asking if I'm wiring 1 amp. My current one, to the sub and then buying a 2nd amp to run the tweeters and mids Any recommendations for subs around $200? Also how would I know what type and size box to build for whatever sub I get? Does the company provide recommended specifications? If possible I'd like to keep it on the smaller side. My hobbies require a lot of gear so I'd like to have trunk space. But this isnt the sole priority. I can always work around the box.
  12. @Jeffdachef I'm still trying to translate your last 2 posts lol. But in the mean time, just to make sure I'm understanding right, the amp and sub I currently own would be paired. More so they're good enough quality? Is there a real noticable difference in sub woofer sound quality? Like I said I care more about sound quality then overpowering bass but I def need some thump. I feel like the first setup had in my first car sounded fuzzy and not a clean thump like you would expect. Not sure if it was because of poor tuning or quality of the gear or both. I really hated how the subs sounded. Bass just sounded and felt like a vibration not a thump. Also do I need any sound proofing in the doors? It's just hollow thin metal or plastic Also the lack of other commenters leads me to believe either my post pissed them off or everything you're suggesting is 150% perfect and nobody has any other options. I'm hoping it's the second lol. Thanks again, cant say it enough
  13. I cant pick the car up for 2 weeks so figured I'd start planning now. Is there anything I should worry about buying used? Also I didnt think about having to buy mids and tweeters. I could go up another 200 to say 700 total. Do you think that would give me a significant improvement in sound quality over the speakers you suggested? I didnt download the app yet but would it be solely music I'm playing through my phone or am I hooking up the radio as well? And I take it the back speakers will be left disconnected? No offence seems like a little bit of a waste lol. But I understand I know nothing about audio and trust what you're saying. Going to research it on my own regardless but never even heard of that. I always thought you replace all of them even when going to a local audio shop lol.
  14. Might as well link me to any cheap kits and wiring I'll need to install everything 🤣 Thank you btw. I would have never figured this all out on my own.
  15. Sorry. Really confused now lol. So the list of what I'll be getting and using is 1 dongle, 2 mid door speakers, 2 small tweeters, 2 amps and 1 sub? Or 1 amp for the 2 speakers and 1 sub? Would the amp and sub I have work well? Can you reccomend some tweeters/mids? Would $300 total be enough for something decent or should I spend more like $400/500 not including the dongle and amp.