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  1. adulbrich

    6 Soundrive 15's FS

  2. adulbrich

    Chris isnt loud, hes quiet af

    Yeah, 2x4's are great if you're trying to get every inch of space and stay extremely solid. Only downside is keeping it sealed. After three 2x4 builds, I'm going to do a steel cage on my next one. Got a 220v 50a plug for my welder in the garage of our new house that's getting built right now. Looking great Chris! Keep up the good work
  3. adulbrich

    6 Soundrive 15's FS

    Just sold 4 of them local. $200 shipped for the one with the chip out of the basket $150 shipped for the one with the cracked mounting ring $300 shipped for both
  4. adulbrich

    6 Soundrive 15's FS

  5. adulbrich

    6 Soundrive 15's FS

    Already talked to him, obviously, lol. He's set on buying another Team sub to match the one he already has and doing a box below the window line. He doesn't want a walled daily driver. Subs will be shipped in factory box with factory packing material, and insured.
  6. adulbrich

    6 Soundrive 15's FS

    Item(s) for Sale: 6 D2 Soundrive 15's Item(s) Description/Condition: 3 of them are in great cosmetic and functional shape. 1 has a small puncture in the surround that I repaired and it has a small bit of rust by the vent holes on the motor. 1 has two cracked basket spokes and a small piece missing 1 has 3 cracked spokes and the actual mounding surface is cracked. All may have a very small hint of rust near vent holes. The sub with the repaired puncture has the worst rust and it is extremely minimal. It's kind of difficult to see in the picture because the back plate is reflective. They all come with gaskets too. Price: $275 each $500 pair $1000 for all 6 Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Included in the continental US. Alaska and Hawaii extra. I've shipped a sub to Hawaii before and it's expensive Item Pictures:
  7. adulbrich

    What is the equivalent of PRS80 in double din ?

    [quote name='wew lad']I talked to @adulbrich earlier and he mentioned an Alpine deck that has full active capabilities, but I'm not sure that it was a double din?[/QUOTE] Yeah, the deck I have out in the garage is active capable.
  8. adulbrich

    Saw this on FB today

    Ok? So somebody has difficulty communicating in English?
  9. adulbrich

    Don't buy a Stetsom amp or PRV 3K

    It's a car audio amplifier. It was purpose-built to be wired to a *minimum* one ohm load of speakers, which are a dynamic load. Destroying it on a fixed resistive load doesn't mean it's a shit amplifier..... This^ It is possible that you got some bad amps. Good thing is that Taramps repair is free iirc. All I know is I'm going to be holding on to my Korean 7k's for a long time. I don't know if I'll ever buy another sub amp :shrug: Wired to .33 in the summer heat of a black truck bed, I could demo all day. Both topologies have their pros and cons
  10. adulbrich

    Don't buy a Stetsom amp or PRV 3K

    Did you run it at a 1 ohm resistive or dynamic load? If you just had a static 1 ohm load, I'm not surprised it popped. They're not really engineered to do that.... I was impressed with the Banda amps I owned. Before the price hike, they were a great option. I mainly got the Taramps 20.2k for the "wow" factor, lol. It wasn't really meant to be used on subs. Didn't you try out some Taramps 15k's? I met a girl from Brazil last year who was really cool. Her accent was sexy as fawk. Should have gotten her number, but I had a woman at the time
  11. Always keep a digital footprint when making big (legal) purchases. I had all the emails and text messages saved when Murphy screwed me over, so Paypal helped me out. I'm also confused as how you made a deal about the $40 damage before sending it back if you hadn't opened the box..... What part was damaged?
  12. Might not be a necessity, but depending on the vehicle, it could make a difference. Also would carry the load if the ground points you picked weren't great.
  13. adulbrich

    DD 9500G more info?

    I don't mean the holes in the pole piece, I'm talking about the vertical slots cut into the outer edge of the pole piece. Those I don't remember seeing when I repaired my sub
  14. adulbrich

    Wolfram audio

    I wouldn't be doing anything with them until Summer anyways. That doesn't bother me
  15. Yeah, I really regret trading mine