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  1. Few small updates. We finished the front wall where the loading wall will sit. It's 6" thick and isn't going anywhere. Of course, we had to test fit one of these things to make sure the motor wouldn't hit our 45-degree angle floor. We managed to get one to sit and it cleared it with ease. Loading these things is something else. We also added our back plates (2) sheets. Metal cage will weld around it. The box is coming along. It's almost time for paint.*
  2. With the first baffle secure, we made the 3 additional baffles so that the subs will mount onto 4 layers. As you can tell, it's a pretty long enclosure with Adam laying in it LOL. We reinforced the baffles with (3) 2x4 in the middle of each cut section with an additional and (12) 2x4 on both sides of each cut section. Seems to be pretty **** strong. 1" trim pieces were also added to ensure full sealed chamber. These trim pieces will be sanded and smoothed in case anyone was wondering. Lastly, we continued to work on the loading wall building it up to about .5" below the baffles. You'll see why we're doing this shortly.*
  3. I'll have more photos soon of what's going on with the caps. It'll be a wooden box that houses all 48 banks
  4. Sorry for the lack of updates. We've just been busy. The inside of the cage is complete with sides and top. We used angle iron to get the angle of our baffles and used some massive bolts to secure the iron to the cage. The excess PL is just to make sure that the bolts don't back out LOL. We elected to use 1" trim pieces to make sure that the sides, top, bottom are 100% sealed because there were just some minor gaps in some areas. We traced the sub cutouts using a yardstick LOL. The subs fit perfectly in test fitting on the grass. But now one baffle is completely mounted. Things are coming together.*
  5. Once cleared out, we started to work on the shell. We used 2"x1" steel. We elected to not go over the wheel wells in order to keep the rear AC and hopefully cool all the amps in the rear. We'll also have to mount the amps in some different positions because of the*number of caps used. Anyways, here are some pics of us stiffening up the roof with 3/4" wood in between the stock slots (kerfed to contour) and then about 10 cans worth of about 3/4" foam between the wood and cage. It's not as stiff as the Alpha's roof, but it is a lot better than stock.*
  6. Sorry, I've been away and left you all without an update, but here are some older photos. I'll get this thread caught up within the next few days. We ripped apart the interior and started working on the cage. As the last photo shows, the old recones*take up the entire side to side space, which means this will be an interesting configuration.
  7. Excellent question. I honestly haven't paid much attention to it since the whole coil configuration is hidden within the motor, but it's interesting because there are additional neos inside the coil gap. But assuming it's like their other Deaf Bonce subs, it is an overhung coil.
  8. Recones have arrived. These things are beautiful. Full carbon fiber. Dust cap is the same size as a 15" Sundown NSv3. That's also a gallon of glue inside the 8" quad coil. Luckily they are a direct fit bolt down, so the only thing that will need glue is the surround, which is great news for these jackoffs.
  9. Here are the 48 banks. These are not the newest version from Maxwell, but we consulted some close friends and figured that they'd still be a great option for this build - especially when it came to weight savings vs. AGM and cost savings vs. lithium.
  10. No, we actually picked up both banks from a guy selling them on eBay out of public transit buses. He sold them in one giant bank of 24 smaller banks. He still might have a few left. Give eBay a search. After doing the math, each bank of 6 came out to be h-e-l-l-a cheap like $150 or something around there.
  11. We figure it'll be more than that since in reality, we won't come near the 48kw of power.
  12. If we do compete, we've talked about either doing Psychlone or something like a subsonic suicide. Not really looking to make this a burp queen. Much more geared towards demos, but the AlphaBlazer was the same way too but it ended up being a 161+ car so we'll see how this one turns out.
  13. Many of you have seen the sweet build our Russian brothers just completed with (2) 32" Deaf Bonce subs in their clean red Escalade. Well, we too cracked open some vodka and decided it's time to bring some monster subs over to the USA and build a cool *** rig. So, without further adieu, we introduce you to the Alpha X -- a sweet ***, chipped paint 6.0L Chevy Suburban packed with: (2) 32" Deaf Bonce subs (48) banks of 2.7 / 3000F Maxwell caps (48kw) of new Deaf Bonce Brazilian board amps (3) 390a US Alternators alts (1) independent 250a US Alternators alt Plenty of Deaf Bonce mids and highs with complimentary 4-channels Tons of SMD and SHCA goodies We're finally to a point with the AlphaBlazer to where we can hold off fixing its issues and start working on this one-of-a-kind build. We'd specify some goal or some achievements that we'd like for it to hit and surpass, but in all reality, we just want the **** thing to play and turn some heads. Think we can do that. Tune in - this should be fun! It's really hard to explain how big these subs really are. You'll see in future photos how these subs dwarf everyday objects. These are the old cones, so don't mind the leads. They have been reconed and look money. And in case you were wondering, they weigh in at about 210lbs. of full carbon and neo
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