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  1. I recently bought a subwoofer box from Boomsday, and I can't say anything except that he was great. I had lots of problems and questions(being a noob to all this audio stuff) and he was able to answer every single one without trying to sell me something. Originally he responded to a post from me saying I needed help with something. After a few hours of talking to him, I decided I'd rather him build my box and get everything right than for me to try to do it. Box is 5.8cu^ft tuned to 32Hz and it's holding a Fi BL18. Everything sounds great. Screwholes are visible in pic because due to my retardation, I forgot to measure for the trunk latch and tried to take of front baffle to get box in. I later figured out how to move the latch temporarily, so I put everything back together(I couldn't get the baffle off anyway, it was wood glued) He is not at fault for that, and even told me the exact paint he used so I can fix that too. I'll be a return customer if ever I need something else.
  2. SirPudge

    System upgrade

    Didn't realize they actually made/sold drivers just for mid bass and mid range. Will be going with some of those.
  3. SirPudge

    System upgrade

    I was gonna buy 2 8 inch subwoofers. My HU does not have time alignment, it's a cheap best buy JVC lol... For the crossover, I was gonna get a 3 or 4 channel from Sonic Electronix
  4. SirPudge

    System upgrade

    Also, if I were to do 8s for mid bass, where would I want those?
  5. SirPudge

    System upgrade

    Not really sure on budget... Nothing too extreme. Total budget of ~400 but I don't have to spend it all on speakers.
  6. SirPudge

    System upgrade

    Triple post but... I could go Black Ice for everything because it would look gorgeous, and still sound quite good based on review and what I've heard around here about Precision Power.
  7. SirPudge

    System upgrade

    Thinking maybe Infinity Kappa 60.9cs because they have a very high sensitivity and good rating on Sonic. Maybe Infinity Reference 6030cs too. I've never run a non-stock front stage, so I don't really know what to buy for.
  8. SirPudge

    System upgrade

    Ok... So I'll go with the black ice for amp. I plan on doing a full Sound Deadener Showdown CLD, MLV, CCF, and 3M Thinsulate treatment for my car, when the funds allow it. Are there any 2 way sets you would recommend? Also mount point for tweeter? I was thinking upper part of the a-frame or maybe ear-level of a-frame.
  9. SirPudge

    System upgrade

    I did not know how they were brand wise. I knew to stay away from Boss, lol. So you would recommend going with the ppi? I was on the fence about it
  10. SirPudge

    System upgrade

    I did consider this. Was wanting the 65 extra watts per channel from the PA. Would that amount of difference be really noticed? If not I would love to have "matching" amps
  11. SirPudge

    System upgrade

    Hello, all. If any of you have seen my posts, you know I am doing an upgrade to my meager system. I have everything for the sub, my uncle is building the box for it, and now I have questions about mids and highs. Taking all suggestions, but I am a student with a modest budget, so please keep that in mind. For front speakers, I was thinking about going with ppi p65c3's. I am wanting to know where I should mount the speakers in this set. The 6.5 will/can go in the door where the current one is, but I have read that the tweeter and mid should not be in the door. I was thinking put the midrange in the kickpanel(though I haven't the slightest idea on direction) and putting the tweet in the a-frame(but idk where or direction) For my rear speakers, I will go with Kenwood KFC-6995PS, since I'm not too worried about rear sq(plus I can always upgrade better later) Best Buy sells 6x9 speaker pods for around $50USD. I was going to get them and put them behind the rear seats, facing forward. Powering all these will be a Power Acoustik RD4-2000D. If you all have any suggestions, that would be great. Whether they be for mounting places/methods, or other speaker sets to get, thanks. Upgrade is as follows: Subwoofer: Fi BL18 in 6.2ft^3 box tuned to 34 Hz Sub Amp: Precision Power Black Ice 1800WRMS (ppi bk1800.1d) Front/Door: Precision Power p65c3 3-way Component Set Rear Deck/Pods: Kenwood KFC-6995PS Coaxial Mids+ Highs Amp: Power Acoustik RD4-2000D Quad Channel Amp Big 3 Upgrade: Done Battery: Planned HO Alternator: Only If Needed
  12. SirPudge

    To bend or not to bend

    If I am correct, you don't want bends in the port. I asked the same thing and got that answer here - http://www.caraudio.com/forums/enclosure-design-construction-help/602734-fi-bl18-ported-box-design-help.html Answered by keep hope alive, who definitely knows his stuff