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  1. C1500martin

    budget setup

    lol yea, this hobby entered a realm with deeper pockets than i had so i stopped while i still could ahah
  2. C1500martin

    budget setup

    going for a budget setup in my 05 silverado with a F8L under bench and infinity kappas in doors. need to decide on amps.
  3. C1500martin

    F8L sub box design

    wow had to utilize all the space huh? appreciate it man.
  4. If anyone still around that does designs, or even still builds boxes. I need something for under my silverados rear seats. Its the ext cab but its only for a single SSA F8L. Wanted something really complex that doubles as a storage compartment but ill take just a simple box at this point. These are the dimensions i have to work with and the idea of what i was hoping to get.
  5. C1500martin

    BASS unsticking rear window

    Oh yea i take it to a spot where thats all they do im sure they use window glue i just used the wrong terminology. Did you do anything to reinforce the back wall so it wont flex as much? Other than deadener i assume?
  6. My singlecabs rear window keeps coming undone im assuming because of the rear window flexing. The silicone wont stay stuck on the truck. Any ideas how to resolve this?
  7. C1500martin

    Revised Soundstream TN4.900D Amp Dyno

    so considering the ppi is no longer available, whats the current best replacement? the nvx 800.4? my ppi is starting to randomly turn off on me so i think its time for a replacement
  8. C1500martin

    Ext cab silverado owners

    i ended up just grinding away the hooks, should've done it before i scratched the shit out of my amps. they look terrible. good thing they aren't visible lol
  9. How the hell do you guys mount your amps to the back wall? My seat has a bunch of hinges and stuff that hit them and scratched the F out of them im so pissed. Do you guys remove all those hinges or something?
  10. C1500martin

    15% off anything over $50 Ebay

    Picked up 4k watts for $300 shipped. Not bad if you asked me. Thanks op!
  11. C1500martin

    Audiopipe APMI-2000 Amp Dyno

    I was gonna buy two sq s1-2250 for the mean time but i think these just saved me $100 lol
  12. C1500martin

    Audiopipe APMI-2000 Amp Dyno

    Want t sell this one?
  13. C1500martin

    New to forum from CA

    Buddy got a box and two sundown 10s for yor exact truck he wants to sell. We’re in Pasadena we can meet up half way this weekend
  14. C1500martin

    ampere the 8.0

    Bum offer up
  15. C1500martin

    Hong Kong Toyota 86

    unless you drop a ferrari motor in it:cool: