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  1. Pyropin

    Random Picture Thread

    '68 Mustang with a Ferrari F132 4.2L V8; boosted by twins, to boot.
  2. Pyropin

    Random Picture Thread

    To be honest, I'm not a fan of (replica) kit cars overall. I can appreciate the time and attention spent on the body work/visuals, but rarely ever does performance live up to the great looks as most seem to leave engines stock and untouched. The definition of all show, no go. It's a shame, because MR2 engines are very tunable - more than a few 5-600hp ones here. Fair play if performance does match looks, though; came across a Mirage Lamborghini Countach rep yesterday that was running a 5L V12 plant from a BMW. Someone should buy this guy some photography lessons, though...
  3. Pyropin

    Random Picture Thread

    They offer three options IIRC; Toyota MR2 (surprise surprise), Acura RSX or a C5 Corvette. Looking on their website now though, and only the MR2 seems to be listed as the base, so not sure if they still offer kits based on the other two.
  4. Pyropin

    Random Picture Thread

    It's a DDR Miami GT4. In fact, I think this might be the exact one which has been on eBay for the past year; https://www.ebay.com/itm/1980-Replica-Kit-Makes-MIAMI-GT4-GT4-/142919843740
  5. Pyropin

    UFC Predictions

    What about Conor? I don't disagree; what Khabib did should not go unpunished. But when fighters recieve unequal treatment and/or punishment, the UFC can't hope to bring about a sense of professionalism and integrity to the sport that it so desperately needs. Conor jumps the cage for Aldo; ok. Conor storms the cage at Bellator 187; ok. Conor throws a dolly at a bus where he could have caused critical injuries to those people, and throws an entire card into jeopardy; Dana is "disgusted" but goes on to use the f*****g footage relentlessly as promo material for the fight. Conor deeply insults Khabib's family, friends, religion and culture... where do we draw the line? Danis was apprently calling Khabib a 'terrorist' (at least spewing some deeply insulting stuff according to Rogan) and gestures for him to come over, so he does. He had remained very composed throughout, and he seemingly reached breaking point and went at Danis. And this here is a big part of the problem - Dana will outwardly express how sad and disappointed he is, but will be beaming inside knowing that half the world is talking about what happened. People joke that he will be readying promo material with this shit in no time if a rematch comes to fruition, but I really wouldn't put it past him - as long as Dana is calling the shots, money is what matters and will keep playing favourites.
  6. Pyropin

    UFC Predictions

    Ferguson vs. Pettis was nothing short of incredible. Of course, what followed was insane. I stayed up till the early hours of the morning to watch (UK), and I am beyond glad I did. From a purely entertainment perspective, it was absolutely riveting to watch live. As for Khabib's actions, they weren't nice, but you cannot deny that everything that led up to the fight facilitated the conditions for something of this magnitude to occur. Danis is a prick of the highest order, and Conor threw first while on the side of the cage at Khabib's cousin - which then led to the other members of Khabib's team jumping into the cage and brawling with Conor. Dana needs to decide what sort of organisation he wants to perpetuate, but the bias is real. At the end of the day, you reap what you sow. I have a lot of respect for Khabib.
  7. That is what you'd have to do, but I don't reccomend it. I only mentioned these high power PSUs to let you know they exist Of course, these units will be putting out very close to 12V (mine is currently delivering 12.144V) and our car batteries deliver a couple more volts when running, so it's all far from ideal.
  8. This particular model is discontinued now, but the 650 G2 is closest in spec (54.1A) and is $89 or so on Amazon. Any high end desktop PSU should be able to deliver its 'rated power' solely on the +12V rail. If it's not '80 Plus' rated, it's most likely garbage. Google 'Super Flower Leadex 2000W'. 166.6A output. Not cheap, of course, and I digress.
  9. Sorry, but this is incorrect. There are many PSUs on the market that will provide in excess of 50A on the +12V rail with ease. I'm sitting here typing this from a PC powered by an EVGA 650 GS, which is capable of 54A (648w) on it's single +12V rail. That said, I'd personally find a pro amplifier or plate amplifier to use, depending on what you are trying to achieve and what sort of functionality you are after. Quality PSUs aren't cheap. Dayton Audio/BASH offer a nice range of subwoofer plate amplifiers, and pro amps such as the EP or iNUKE range offer very good value for money.
  10. Thanks, but only looking for complete drivers at the minute. If I were to buy a motor, it would have to be something a bit special (oddball, copper/alum in the motor, large LMT/LMS etc). I would be interested in raw motor parts; a 3HP t-yoke would be nice.
  11. Pyropin

    Adire Audio is back!

    I'm left a little underwhelmed with Adire's relaunch. My views are very similar to those of ciaonzo's. When the Tumult was being designed, some 15 or so years ago, Dan used to tease of 50/60/70mm one-way xmax designs. The issue was the limiting baskets and softparts available at the time. We are now in 2018. With little available in the way of truly high excursion, low inductance, low distortion drivers, I would love for AA to push the envelope and produce a Brahma that bests the original in every single way. For instance, no shorting ring(s) were utilised in the original Brahma, which is a shame given the rebate in the top plate is the perfect place for one to be located. New Adire doesn't even list Le as a spec on their website. Yes, you can debate just how meaningful such a figure taken at 1kHz is, but at the end of the day, I think it's a useful metric. As for the Shiva and Tempest, regardless of how 'ugly' or not they now are, the fact remains that they aren't very special or appealing given the market today. Shane said it best; I'll have a Reference HF instead, thanks. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to see such a company back, and more options for the consumer is always a good thing. To me though, the whole Adire relaunch (thus far) reads as an attempt to sell drivers predicated on nostalgia for the brand. I commend Jacob for pushing the envelope when he tooled his surrounds/cones and baskets. I hope Adire is willing to do the same, but only time will tell. Perhaps there just aren't enough people like us left to be able to reasonably demand higher end products, though, and I understand costs are an issue.