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  1. This particular model is discontinued now, but the 650 G2 is closest in spec (54.1A) and is $89 or so on Amazon. Any high end desktop PSU should be able to deliver its 'rated power' solely on the +12V rail. If it's not '80 Plus' rated, it's most likely garbage. Google 'Super Flower Leadex 2000W'. 166.6A output. Not cheap, of course, and I digress.
  2. Sorry, but this is incorrect. There are many PSUs on the market that will provide in excess of 50A on the +12V rail with ease. I'm sitting here typing this from a PC powered by an EVGA 650 GS, which is capable of 54A (648w) on it's single +12V rail. That said, I'd personally find a pro amplifier or plate amplifier to use, depending on what you are trying to achieve and what sort of functionality you are after. Quality PSUs aren't cheap. Dayton Audio/BASH offer a nice range of subwoofer plate amplifiers, and pro amps such as the EP or iNUKE range offer very good value for money.
  3. Thanks, but only looking for complete drivers at the minute. If I were to buy a motor, it would have to be something a bit special (oddball, copper/alum in the motor, large LMT/LMS etc). I would be interested in raw motor parts; a 3HP t-yoke would be nice.
  4. Pyropin

    Adire Audio is back!

    I'm left a little underwhelmed with Adire's relaunch. My views are very similar to those of ciaonzo's. When the Tumult was being designed, some 15 or so years ago, Dan used to tease of 50/60/70mm one-way xmax designs. The issue was the limiting baskets and softparts available at the time. We are now in 2018. With little available in the way of truly high excursion, low inductance, low distortion drivers, I would love for AA to push the envelope and produce a Brahma that bests the original in every single way. For instance, no shorting ring(s) were utilised in the original Brahma, which is a shame given the rebate in the top plate is the perfect place for one to be located. New Adire doesn't even list Le as a spec on their website. Yes, you can debate just how meaningful such a figure taken at 1kHz is, but at the end of the day, I think it's a useful metric. As for the Shiva and Tempest, regardless of how 'ugly' or not they now are, the fact remains that they aren't very special or appealing given the market today. Shane said it best; I'll have a Reference HF instead, thanks. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to see such a company back, and more options for the consumer is always a good thing. To me though, the whole Adire relaunch (thus far) reads as an attempt to sell drivers predicated on nostalgia for the brand. I commend Jacob for pushing the envelope when he tooled his surrounds/cones and baskets. I hope Adire is willing to do the same, but only time will tell. Perhaps there just aren't enough people like us left to be able to reasonably demand higher end products, though, and I understand costs are an issue.
  5. My eyes are burning up looking at the blindingly white/light grey background, any chance we could please get a dark grey theme as an option?
  6. Replied to your PM. Thanks, Shane. I sent you an email the other day, did you receive it? No worries if you did and are just busy
  7. Time Left: 20 days and 22 hours

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    Hello all, As per title really; looking for some US built TC Sounds drivers. Anything considered, but the nicer condition they are in, the better. Would also be interested in TC built passive radiators. At this point in time, I'd quite like an OEM 12 or similar, though. If you have anything, or know someone who does, please let me know. Cheers


  8. WTB: Old(er) TC Sounds Drivers (eD, SoundSplinter, Stryke, OEMs, LMS/LMTs etc) View Advert Hello all, As per title really; looking for some US built TC Sounds drivers. Anything considered, but the nicer condition they are in, the better. Would also be interested in TC built passive radiators. At this point in time, I'd quite like an OEM 12 or similar, though. If you have anything, or know someone who does, please let me know. Cheers Advertiser Pyropin Date 08/14/2018 Price Category Subwoofer Classifieds  
  9. Some photos of original GZ literature from back in the day (sorry about the quality, the chap who very kindly took these for me wasn't able to scan them in - you can just about make most things out, though):
  10. Thanks, Shane - you are too kind No worries mate, I do understand that wrapping an LMS driver up may naturally take some time. That is what it is, right? Jokes aside, as always, do what you gotta do - look forward to receiving them!
  11. Cheers. That's good to know, thank you. Indeed - might as well try and see if anyone does fancy them at this price, though. I've had them listed on a few UK classifieds for ages now, but no one is serious. The car audio 'scene' isn't great here - lots of shitty brands, etc. Just a shame to have them sitting in boxes doing nothing - someone really needs to put these to good use.
  12. Item(s) for Sale: Ground Zero Hydrogen 10" Pair Item(s) Description/Condition: NOS. Both have been swept to ensure full function, but never mounted. Some marks, presumably from manufacturing, here and there. The relatively soft suspensions, paired with being sat face up for the entirety of their lives mean that the spiders are sagging a little. Nothing to be concerned about, though - especially after some play time. These are products of the original, USA (California) based Ground Zero. Still potent drivers, even today. There were a few drivers in GZ's old lineup: Radioactive, Hydrogen and Nuclear (aka the infamous "GZ Nuke"). The Hydrogen was their 'middle' driver, utilising a 2.5" coil. Port them. GZ Hydrogen Series subwoofers are specially designed for the true bass fanatic. The 2.5" diameter voice coils combined with a excursion of 1.14" gives the GZ Hydrogen subs a best-in-class. Up to 600W of power handling and the ability to deliver big bass from small enclosures gives you a clear choice. GZ Hydrogen... big, mean powerful Th /Sm VC Dia 2.5" Magnet Weight 94 Oz SPL @ 1W/1M 88 Fs 36.1 Hz Re 3.2 Ohms Qts 0.40 Qes 0.417 Qms 9.94 Vas 22.7 Litres SD 322Cm2 X-max 0.55 in Peak to Peak 1.9 in BL 14.8 Le @ 1kHz 2.6mH Power Handling 400W Price: $260 shipped, but please see below. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: You should know that I am located in the UK. I have thus far been unsuccessful in selling them (it is somewhat difficult to find fellow enthusiasts here), so I thought I'd post an ad up here. Each driver comes in its original box, though I will try to improve upon the packaging further for the trip across the pond. Please do your research beforehand regarding any applicable additional costs, such as import fees, duty, etc. I will not be covering such costs. As you can imagine, shipping is a substantial portion of the cost, though not completely unreasonable, I feel. I do have 4 of these drivers. I want to keep two to beat on, but may sell all 4 if someone is interested. As a (rather far fetched) side note, I'm always on the lookout for old(er) TC Sounds stuff, so would consider a swap of some sort if that route were to open up. Since I have no feedback on this platform, please feel free to check my eBay feedback out - username 'pav2698'. Item Pictures: More photos: https://imgur.com/a/s9oS5
  13. Pyropin

    BNIB TC Sounds 5200 Custom splaudio softs

    Are you referring to the 5th picture? If so, that is just tape over the gap to keep debris from entering it until the recone is actually glued in. The VC is aligned via the use of shims positioned between the former and pole piece (as normal).
  14. Pyropin

    Xbl^2 motor

    The old XXXs were indeed XBL^2 designs. The eD, however, was just underhung.