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    Frankfort KY
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    two sa12s wired 2 ohm to audiopipe apsm 1500
  1. RemmySa12

    (2) XS Power D975

    Still got? If so pm me
  2. RemmySa12

    FS - (2) Deka 9a31s

    Im in frankfort u still got these ?
  3. RemmySa12


    Okay. **** if only u was coming during day id get some from u
  4. RemmySa12


    What part of ky are u in? And will the tip fit just fine in the screw?
  5. RemmySa12


    I have a sundown scv 1500d and 0g wnt fit since its 4g and I wnted to get the reduces for the battery and ground what u think of these I need opinions. Amazon.com : KnuKonceptz Power / Ground Wire Reducer 0 - 4 Gauge 1/0 : Vehicle Amplifier Battery Wiring And Terminals : Car Electronics
  6. RemmySa12

    I've created another issue...

    u could have fryed something inside the board where the touchscreen recognizes that its being touched
  7. RemmySa12

    looking for

    Witch one is better for my 2 sa 12 dual 2 ohm
  8. RemmySa12

    looking for

    Looking for prices on american bass amp that does 1500 or 2000 watts at .5
  9. U can take L bracktes and drill into them. They wont go nowhere i did this with my jeep.
  10. RemmySa12

    Fs: Hc800

    wish it was little bigger i was going to run .5 ohm lol
  11. RemmySa12

    Alternator upgrade

    I own a 98 and im running stock alt and a battery.
  12. RemmySa12

    h/o alt

    I didnt mean idel i just need one so i dont drop i was looking at a 120 but thought not enaugh or what
  13. RemmySa12

    h/o alt

    Need a high out out for like 200+amps is there any that bolt straight in on a 98 jeep grand cherokee lerado 4.0 straight 6
  14. RemmySa12

    sundown saz 1500

    Whats ur lowest on it?