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    2 SQ HDS215's @ 30hz on a PPI 1800.1, 50ah upfront and 125ah in the back.

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  1. DirtyDuzit

    Dynamic Audio amps

    Probably grabbing their 1.5k. $175 + 21 shipping. Anyone tried this amp? https://www.dynamicaudioco.com/amplifiers/da-c-15001 Only info I can find about them at all is Ryan's video of the 2300 but the numbers were pretty amazing.
  2. DirtyDuzit

    Shit talker claims he has a 10000w system.

    I thought thats what you said it was in another post, what is it an HCCA? You say the ohms are wrong but you said it was "124" meaning a 12-dual 4ohm which wires down to 2ohm? You pulling 4400w clamped if box rise didn't exist, I bet its climbing to at least 4 ohms MAYBE 3k clamped. Only reason I said anything is cuz you comment on other peoples shit all day hating, incorrectly even trying to say one guys subs are out of phase when everyone knows cameras just make them look outta phase. You say here: "Can someone say outta phase" Glad you deleted the comment lol made you look dumb af. In this video: You try to diss on the guy saying he doesn't know what hes talking about, idk to me it just seemed like he was shy. Glad you deleted this comment too. I'm glad you deleted your comments on these guys cuz they aren't going around hating and they both got banging systems.
  3. DirtyDuzit

    Bnib wolfram 2400

    Can do that for sure. Good price
  4. DirtyDuzit

    I need a cheap decent amp

    If you have to stay in under $150. Audiopipe Apmi 1500 I really think you should get the soundqubed 1200 homie recommended because it's a more reliable brand and it has a clipping indicator which alone can save you $100+
  5. DirtyDuzit

    Shit talker claims he has a 10000w system.

    Oh dude you sound see the shit he told me. "No such thing as a 1ohm sub, either 4 or 2" "I metered 113DB" "My alternator can handle 10k cuz I had it tested and its better then it's supposed to be"
  6. DirtyDuzit

    Shit talker claims he has a 10000w system.

    He's running 1200 amps through that sheet metal ground lmao
  7. DirtyDuzit

    Bnib wolfram 2400

    If you don't sell it by Monday I'll buy it
  8. So I'm only posting this because this guy posts all over on different guys systems saying their clipping or distorting or that they know nothing about car audio. Yet he's running stock electrical into two nemesis audio "4500 watt max" their Facebook page claims 2200@1ohm. Into an Orion XTR on 2 ohms in a prefab box. He doesn't believe me keeps saying he's running 10k and I'm an idiot and that prefab boxes are better then home made yadda yadda. He makes this video to "prove" that an Orion 5000w sub can take 10,000w. Yet he never clamps it doesn't even know about impedence rise etc. I'd never trash on someone for no reason but this clown hates on everyone. He actually just said he metered his car recently gas is hitting "113 DB" with his one 12 lmao. Don't think he realizes how quiet that is. Heres the link. Sorry for the drama https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=001D-qZDydw
  9. DirtyDuzit

    Dvc 2ohm subs reading 2.6.

    Some pics. I watched the Impedence while playing and it goes up to 5ohms. Amp was a Skar RP2k that has blown. Skar is giving me a refund and didn't hassle me at all.
  10. Haven't had these long and just recently decided to check the impedence of the lead going into the amp I saw 1ohm I have two so in expected much closer to .5, thinking one was disconnected I cut into the back of my box (4th order with no removable panel) all the connections were perfect so I checked the impedence of all the coils. Then the impedence of two coils then again the final load. 2.5-2.6 per coil. 1.4 with two coils 1.0 with all four coils. Is my wire adding impedence? It's 10 gauge OFC I got from some Monster cable I found. I do have about 12ft of it coming off the box at the end which can be shortened.
  11. Popwar is right mixing subs is stupid. To your original point no reason to make separate systems make a joined system.
  12. DirtyDuzit

    2 ct sounds meso 8s vs 4 skar ma 8s

    The 4 8s will be louder the Tropo 8s claim higher RMS for less price but didn't check the actual specs I love CT and Skar I think it's great thing when we have these smaller companies bringing budget products to the world. I run 2 Tropo 18s on a skar RP2k @ half ohm. The subs take it no problem but it hasn't been very long so that with a grain of salt. Skar has some cool 6.5s $59.99 each 2 inch coil. If you can spend $500 just get two SA-8s.
  13. I remember when AQ was considered a great up n coming budget hobbyist brand. Then they switched to soundqubed and while they still have great products and good prices I see less of them and people kinda diss them. I still think they're a great company making super solid subs at an amazing price.hell I ran two HDS 15's for years on about 2k they sounded great and I loved them. I gotta think though if they went with a cooler name or didn't have to change theirs if they would be better off right now something about "soundqubed" sounds cheap and cheesy, AudioQue sounded cool.