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    2 SQ HDS215's @ 30hz on a PPI 1800.1, 50ah upfront and 125ah in the back.

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  1. DirtyDuzit

    What would be better then 2 kicker 41l7122

    Sundown U, Sundown X, Sundown Z. Wolfram AU, DC level 4, 5, 6. These will all blow L7s away.
  2. DirtyDuzit

    Blow through, or drop out the floor?

    Do a blow through it's surprisingly easy and gives you virtually unlimited room. I was pondering different options in my truck like making box that replaces the seats. In the end a blow through was worth it. It gets loud but is also discrete
  3. Yup shred same box you helped me with last year. I added 2x4s on the back and a wood dowel between the double battle and the back. It actually doesn't flex at all but I still think a new box will do me good. I also put a new port on that was 1 inch longer to lower the tuning a bit.
  4. So a while back I had a topic making a 4th order blowthrough for two Tropo 18s. It worked ok but now I've out my Wolfram AU18s in the same box and think it's holding me back. The build: 86 f-150 200a alt 56ah Headway Lithium Taramps MD8K 2 Wolfram AU18s. Right now in a 4th order blow through 5.75 sealed about 15 ported @44hz. It does a 152@ 34hz. 150 @ 29. 148 @ 25 I want it windier and lower I'm thinking a series 6th. Maybe 8 in the back @ 20hz and 18 in the front @ 45hz?. 8" aeros in the back square port for the front.
  5. DirtyDuzit

    How long will it last?

    Nice clean simple box shredder. As soon as I saw the post I thought to myself it was going to be a standard slotted port with a 45 on every single corner. The blow through your helped me design is doing great it's getting only about 500-600 watts right now doing 146.2@46
  6. DirtyDuzit

    I need a cheap decent amp

    I'm guessing you read that on an Amazon review or something. Those people are retarded. I mean the most selling amps on Amazon are usually Boss or Ignite with reviews like "this shit slams so hard it broke my windshield best 5000w amp for $80"
  7. DirtyDuzit

    Post your first system

    The $25 hifonics 12 which they still sell to this day and I still think is a pretty amazing value in a prefab ported box on a lightning audio amp, it was really small and i think 50-100 rms. I used 4 gauge CCA for the power wire and 18 gauge speaker wire for the ground. It did catch fire. No head unit instead I had an MP3 player running into a Kenwood amp I turned the entire thing on with a white home light switch No fuses and the Kenwood amp had none of the hardware for the inputs so the wires were jammed in and taped
  8. DirtyDuzit

    Did you know Audiopipe had an SPL line of subs?

    Not sure if they're still for sale have no idea how up to date the catalogue is the "high roll surround" doesn't look so high roll on amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Audiopipe-P12-12-SPL-Woofer/dp/B01BHSFE2M
  9. Was checking out the audiopipe website which just links you to their catalogs in pdf but I wonder what they charge for this beast?
  10. DirtyDuzit

    2 orion hcca 152 15s

    If you run one amp its gotta be half ohm or 2 ohms. You could run 2 amps @ 1ohm each or strapped. Maybe keep it in the family an Orion HCCA 3k (amazing amp) @ half ohm? Do you know what your rising to? Better have strongggg electrical for that.
  11. Subscribed video seemed so professional I thought itd be 100k+subs
  12. DirtyDuzit

    Dynamic Audio amps

    Probably grabbing their 1.5k. $175 + 21 shipping. Anyone tried this amp? https://www.dynamicaudioco.com/amplifiers/da-c-15001 Only info I can find about them at all is Ryan's video of the 2300 but the numbers were pretty amazing.
  13. DirtyDuzit

    Shit talker claims he has a 10000w system.

    I thought thats what you said it was in another post, what is it an HCCA? You say the ohms are wrong but you said it was "124" meaning a 12-dual 4ohm which wires down to 2ohm? You pulling 4400w clamped if box rise didn't exist, I bet its climbing to at least 4 ohms MAYBE 3k clamped. Only reason I said anything is cuz you comment on other peoples shit all day hating, incorrectly even trying to say one guys subs are out of phase when everyone knows cameras just make them look outta phase. You say here: "Can someone say outta phase" Glad you deleted the comment lol made you look dumb af. In this video: You try to diss on the guy saying he doesn't know what hes talking about, idk to me it just seemed like he was shy. Glad you deleted this comment too. I'm glad you deleted your comments on these guys cuz they aren't going around hating and they both got banging systems.
  14. DirtyDuzit

    Bnib wolfram 2400

    Can do that for sure. Good price