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    currently i have a pioneer 820 amp and memphis 15" 1200 max subwoofer
  1. Thank you very much for all your advice.
  2. So If I get three more 15"s and put them in a box should they share ports or have individual flared ports? And keep them all bandpass? And should I go with a 12 rms 4 channel amp or two 1200 rms 2 channel amps?
  3. First off bbeljefe thank you for that plethera of information. Now for more information I have about 16 cubic feet to work with. I would like the deepest bass I can get. I have new Bose speakers in my vehicle and would like to get in to competitions eventually but what is holding me back is the knowledge. I want to have the loudest, purest sound. So whether I'm listening to it going down the road or showing it off to some friends people think it's loud and doesn't sound like ****. But no I do not care if the speakers are visible I prefer something that sounds good over looks good. So overall I want to have something that can bend the windows of my car if I wanted to but just sound powerful and clean overall and hits the high and low notes and everything inbetween. So I not sure if 4 15" are what I need or if I should go with a mixture of sized sub woofers.
  4. I've been looking to upgrade my system and possibly get in to competition. I've recently seen pioneer premier ts-w5000 around Craigslist and i looked at pioneer premiers website they look remarkable but at 900 for one sub woofer. so my question is have any of you heard these monsters in person or own one, if so could you tell me if what you think of them and are they truely a power house?
  5. Ok currently I have a pioneer 820 amp and Memphis 15" 1200watt max. It is in a box that's 16"w X 16"H X 31"L. It is ported but I'm looking to upgrade my inclosure and amp/amps What is the best material to make an enclosure out of? Is ported or pvc aero ports better I usually keep my Hz around 30-40 so how do I determine the size to make my ports. I would like to get three more 15" memphis subs so what would be the best type of enclosure aka (pass by ported or just ported. And my final question is. I have seen many different enclosures and I have seen a couple inclosures with the subwoofer totally enclosed in the box does this do things or is it totally aesthetic?