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  1. lakaiguy


    do you have the low level inputs for it?
  2. try disconnecting the microphones that are part of the ASM did this for my 2014 Accord and it worked great, didnt notice any additional road or engine noise and retained all the bluetooth features
  3. lakaiguy

    Reasonably priced SQL

    Yeah buddy, you won't regret it for a second What's your price range?
  4. lakaiguy

    Reasonably priced SQL

    dude, Fi Q I just received my Fi Q 12 and it is ridiculous, I cant wait for it to loosen up a bit and get a little lower but it is already impressive I would love to hear one with the high qts option for sealed boxes though I have the standard low qts for ported
  5. I have a Pheonix Gold SD800.5 thats in great shape with the gain knob, has a lot power and it is tiny http://www.phoenixgold.com/products/amplifiers/SD/product.php?productID=40 Also have a Memphis 5x7 coaxials with external crossovers, sound super good MEMPHIS 15-MC572 5" x 7" MClass Coaxial Speakers
  6. lakaiguy

    New Fi Q

    Fi Q12 came in today finally Sounds pretty **** good so far [ATTACH=CONFIG]26547160[/ATTACH] Allot beefier than I expected [ATTACH=CONFIG]26547159[/ATTACH]
  7. That looks bada$$, what are the specs on it?
  8. lakaiguy

    New AudioQue 1200d

    Sorry one more question, does this have the same specs as the new "sq" model and does the remote have the clipping light like the new ones? Thanks
  9. lakaiguy

    New AudioQue 1200d

    Does it come with the remote knob?
  10. Well at least I leaned about voltage drop fixes
  11. lakaiguy

    LOC? (Line Out Converter)

    I'm using the $15 one from best buy, sounds great
  12. lakaiguy

    black market amps

    How much for just the 1500?
  13. lakaiguy

    class d ohms vs sq

    Do class d amps have different sound characteristics depending on if they're ran at 4, 2, 1 or .5 ohms? I have a Hifonics BRX1100.D that I've had the opportunity to run every possible impedance and it seems like there's allot more changing than just the power output. Now it could just be the combination of power output, type of subwoofer, type of enclosure etc that has me thinking this way but having heard all three of the different subwoofers before on different amps and then putting all those subwoofers on the same amp that there's definitely some differences.
  14. Awesome The subs look like they have a soft velvety texture Or am I just hungry
  15. lakaiguy

    EQ app for subs? Subwoofer damage?

    Try 20hz and turn it up really loud that should fix it