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  1. Hey guys first thanks for the help. I have a pioneer double din head unit that has worked flawlessly for 6 months. now all of a sudden it resets from time to time, memory completely cleared and to default settings. no radio stations or eq or anything.. sometimes it does this every few days, sometimes every few weeks. my power is solid to the battery, amp always powering on and no other troubles. any ideas are greatly appreciated !!!
  2. Fosgate punch 10" in a sealed box its well rounded and will punch through your seats without over thundering
  3. Thinking of putting my fosgste punch 2d4 10" in a tube ported enclosure for the spring for more room in my crv anyone with experience of how it will sound? its currently in a sealed .85 box with 500rms and is fantastic anyone with any experience? Hate to lose money for poor sound
  4. thanks guys i will check for all never had this problem until had my wires all installed. i know how to install systems, i just had it professionally done, wiring that is. i am running a 500w RF amp, 647 dynamic rms at 2 ohms on a p2d4, sounds fantastic and like i mentioned amp is half up. i dont pound it hard, just like the low end home theater sound. I checked engine once after i smelled it and found nothing. all wiring looks ok but i will check again
  5. sometimes, not always but sometimes i get out of my crv and smell like a burning smell. what the hell is it? the ground? my sub sounds fine and amp is halfway up, i am running 2 ohms though but i dont pound it hard, just enough to hear some low end bass. my HU goes up to 40 but i listen at around 15 , so not too loud. Im gettng old, 35 now and only occasionally pound it or demo. anyways the burning smell is half the time not always. any ideas guys?
  6. Stay with a Fosgate amp Check out their site to find an adequate amp to power 5-600 WATTS Rms stay at 2 ohm Easier on your electrical system
  7. figured it out. when i removed the inline converter somehow the power wire from the stock displaced. fixed it with a wire nut and all is in working order. this pioneer head unit has very clear sound and now my RF amp and P2D4 10" is straight pounding with great SPL. wow am I impressed. the HU is very intuitive and the touch screen is excellent in its response. THANK you all for the assistance , truly appreciated during a time of frustration. btw I run all Home audio Pioneer units with Cerwin Vegas and have for 15 years, stellar performance and reliability. I buy mid level or high end that is perhaps last years models for discounts and Pioneer is solid. I am impressed with the RF audio as well, I almost went JL or Sundown but gave RF a shot and am happy. I have been out of the car audio game for 14 years, sold my stuff when my son was born but am now back in it....
  8. the fuse on the back of the head is intact. ok i will try the rest. thanks for the help
  9. like i mentioned before the head unit was powering up fine, disconnected it then disconected line converter reconnected and nothing....
  10. the remote from the amp, i believe it is connected to the car wire harness...........thanks for the help btw should it be wired to the head unit harness?
  11. i also checked all my connections. i wired all the harness, plugged it in it powered right on and even tried a dvd. worked great. then realized i still had line converter hooked up and removed it. then never pwer to HU again could it be another fuse besides the interior car radio fuse?
  12. Installing a Pioneer 3500bhs, all was working then I removed the line out converter that was on my stock to properly run my rcas to the sub out and then NO power at all to the HU. checked HU fuse, CAR radio fuse, all good. I am clueless guys and appreciate any of your help
  13. Advertise!!!!! and explain this in your ad