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  1. a1mcalister1

    Xtant x2.1004 single 4 bnib subs

    Awesome subs and great seller!!!!!! Thanks!!!!
  2. a1mcalister1

    2 lightning audio x1.10.vc2 For sale

    Bump for a daily fix for us who needs it!
  3. a1mcalister1

    (Ohio)WTT 2 15" C2 AUDIO TREATCONS

    Theatcon 2 or Threatcon 4?
  4. a1mcalister1

    Boston Acoustic SPG555

    I've been looking for another one of these, anyone else have one, "gmann42" hasn't responded to the post?
  5. a1mcalister1

    Boston Acoustic SPG555

    Don't mean to dump on the post, I'm almost interested in the sub but not at that price!
  6. a1mcalister1

    Boston Acoustic SPG555

    Wow!!! You might be a bit out of our price ranger on this one.
  7. a1mcalister1

    Boston SPG555 13" subwoofers

    Did all of these subs get purchased?
  8. a1mcalister1

    AQ-3500d.1 and AQ-4

    Both amps sold to Omegakan and will be shipped with tracking info not later than Monday 1/4/2016. Thanks!
  9. a1mcalister1

    AQ-3500d.1 and AQ-4

    Maybe what u got
  10. a1mcalister1

    AQ-3500d.1 and AQ-4

    Not wanting to separate, as far as trades, what u got?
  11. a1mcalister1

    AQ-3500d.1 and AQ-4

    Maybe what u got?
  12. a1mcalister1

    AQ-3500d.1 and AQ-4

    Thank you!
  13. a1mcalister1

    AQ-3500d.1 and AQ-4

    Thanks bro I have a ton of pix but can't get them to post:(