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  1. MrFoca

    What is legitimately the best 12 or 15 inch sub?

    This question could be answered so many ways by so many different people.
  2. MrFoca

    Black Friday @ SSA® Starts Now! Ends 11/27/2018

    IA judge going to be on sale ?
  3. MrFoca

    Adire Audio is back!

    I wanna see the specs on a 10. Might buy one.
  4. MrFoca

    Looking for a beefy 10

    They are already build into bigger subs or I would. The DD 2510 I have is having problems so no go
  5. As title states. looking for a beefy 10 for a new build. Figured I’d ask to see what might be available. Lmk what you got.
  6. MrFoca

    Compact Handgun

    Glock 43 is nice. glock 36 is also a single stack but 45acp. glock 30 is also a sub but little bit wider compared to the 36. I'm finishing up my 4th 80% glock and they are nice guns and I've had zero issues so far with FTF.
  7. MrFoca

    Taramps Brazilian Style Mess

  8. I mean I’d rather buy it off eBay cause you know he can’t scam you. eBay always “ most times “ sides with the buyer. ---------- Post added at 08:35 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:34 PM ---------- Not saying you’re a scammer. Just a general statement
  9. MrFoca

    15% off anything over $50 Ebay

    Kel-Tec sub2000 parts on the watch list huh lol. I have one myself
  10. Well, this is interesting lol. Sold and poof its back in his possession.
  11. MrFoca

    Brand new Fi SP4 18

    Possibly would do a trade on some nice 10’s.
  12. MrFoca

    Avicii passed away

    Yeah I just seen. I was wondering if it was drugs