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  1. UGHH

    2000 budget

    Yeah I was just thinking I don't really want to take up the entire trunk, so a 12 or 2 10s would be good. Do I really need a HO alt for 1500 watts?
  2. UGHH

    2000 budget

    As the title says, 2000 budget. I need everything.... HU, wire, speakers, subs, amps.... Everything. What would you get? Heavy bass. I listen to hip hop/rap. Going in a Cavalier. 4cf... Maybe 5cf
  3. Never mind Edit-- Didn't read the whole OP
  4. SoundSolutionsAudio's Online car audio store! Best prices, products and customer service. Fast shipping to US, Canada and More!! Any sub on that site will **** on the Infinitys and Kenwoods
  5. UGHH

    Component Suggestions

    Probably active. I'm going to a local shop to look at some Focal today. Might stop by another to see some Hertz. ---------- Post added at 07:57 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:57 AM ---------- No DSP
  6. UGHH

    Component Suggestions

    Bump. Might be able to push budget near 1000
  7. UGHH

    Component Suggestions

    Yeah just front stage. Not doing rear fill.
  8. UGHH

    Component Suggestions

    I'm planning a build with tax return money and I need some suggestions on some components. The vehicle is a 2005 Cavalier 2dr. They will be powered by a SoundQubed Q4-90. The sub stage will be (2) HDC3 10s (maybe 12s) powered by a Q1-4500. I'm not too picky cause I've never really had good door speakers so I know I'll be impressed by anything. Lol I'm gonna gather all the stuff for the install slowly, but I'm for sure getting the subs, speakers and amps with tax returns. Gonna save up for the alt, batts and wiring. Budget is about 500 for the speakers.
  9. UGHH

    Help !! with sub

    the vfl 100.1 puts out 1500 watts 1500 watts at 1 ohm. if your putting it down to 1 ohm and wanting to use all its power, Id do the sundown SA-8s
  10. UGHH

    How to wire two dual 4 ohm subs to 2ohms?

    Beat ya to it.
  11. UGHH

    How to wire two dual 4 ohm subs to 2ohms?

    Cant be done. Your options are 1 ohm and 4 ohm. Subwoofer Wiring Diagrams, Two 4 ohm Dual Voice Coil (DVC) Speakers
  12. UGHH

    Subwoofer setup for $300

    Yes I have 2 HDS210s on about 1000 watts total, maybe less cause the amp isn't that great, and they sound good and get loud.
  13. If you want to run 1 sub at 2 ohm, you need a dual 4 ohm sub. And the Sundown SAs can take 1000 watts as long as its clean unclipped power. And hifonics amps don't put out rated power, close to it but it won't be 1000 watts.
  14. Good luck finding anything worth trading for locally.
  15. UGHH

    one sealed and one ported?

    [quote name='James Coyle']While this does seem like a genuinely good idea, I'm not sure it will work. If you want great low end production and still a flat response, make a custom ported box. Or even have a pro make one for you. There are several professionals on this forum, but I'm on mobile currently and don't even know how to link them in the first place. Lol, anyway, good luck![/QUOTE] If you want to tag people you put @(then their name) then a space then ; Example ill tag boomsday since he's a box builder on here @Boomsday ;