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  1. EFD307

    Alpine PDR-F50 red light, no sound

    The Amazon seller I purchased from advertises a 1 year warrenty on all their products so I'm going to try and get a refund. Already overnighted the replacement, pdx f4 will 've swaping them out tomorrow. I contacted alpine and they actually will still cover the amp. But I'm about to leave for a pretty long trip and it would **** to not be able to listen to anything on a 7 hour drive. So, if anyone else encounters this problem, Alpine will replace it no matter here it was purchased from.
  2. EFD307

    Alpine PDR-F50 red light, no sound

    On another note, I happened to buy this amp off amazon, will Alpine still recall the product purchased from an unauthorized retailer?
  3. Last night on my way into work everything but my sub cut out, this happened once before months ago and when I restarted my car it was fine. I got out this morning 12 hours later and started her up to find I had the same problem, no sound coming from anything but the sub(different amp, but running off the same preamp). The blue light on the sub briefly lights up when I turn the car on but then goes to red. I'm using the Audio Control LCQ1GRAY as a preamp/LOC. Anyone know what this means for me? Edit: I do see there is a recall out on this amp for a failed PCB, I bought the amp new from amazon who no longer sells that model but have a local shop who is an authorized retailer. Would they be able to just swap it out as noted in alpines notice? (http://www.alpine-usa.com/recallpdr)
  4. Had a quote for a system install at $525.00 guy just called me back to say it's finished and is telling me I owe him $843.00 I'm going in to argue it, they charged me for something I didn't agree too. Is this common with small shops? They needed speaker adapter plates, speaker wire and some RCA cables, only extra parts, they estimated that to be a 55$ charge on my first quote. Anyone have experiance with a shop trying to do this? Any advice other than I should have done it myself?
  5. I've been waiting for parts to come in for weeks now, Im on a time deadline and the part I ordered via amazon prime that was supposed to take 2 days to arrive has now taken a whopping 10 days, during my frustration waiting for this thing to ship I bought a back up in case the original didn't get here on time. Now both items have shipped and are expected to be delivered tomorrow. The original part I ordered is just a basic LOC preamp with bass restoration (LC7i) and the back up is the LCQ1GRAY same as the other part just with a built in EQ. I'm mounting this thing behind the dash so I'm looking to do an initial set up and not mess with it. Has anyone had any experiences with either of these units? Is the EQ worth the extra $85? I will be returning one of them, just trying to figure out which one.
  6. I'm trying to decide weather to keep the 5.25 type r components that just came in or return them and get the 6.5 inch model. Both will fit in the vehicle, meant to order the 6.5s... Will the extra inch and a quarter make a big difference? Im powering them with an 85W RMS alpine 4 channel and I'll have a sub so low frequencies will be filtered out. Any difference? should I just sick with the 5.25"?
  7. EFD307

    Can I mount my amp here?

    Right now i have a single alpine s series12" ill be upgrading to 2 down firing 10 or 12" r series subs in the future that I would pair with the 1000W amp.
  8. EFD307

    Can I mount my amp here?

    Im trying to install my system as hidden as possible, I was hoping to fit the 4 channel, LOC and the sub amp all above the spare tire but it looks like ill only be able to get the LOC and the sub amp, may be adding a bass processor in the future. The 4 channel might have to go under the passenger seat. Anyway, have any of you mounted amps in confined spaces like this? I know its not recommended to stuff them away somewhere but there's quite a bit of open space down there, I'm hoping it will be alright. And if not, it will shut it self down and ill have to find a new space or mount a computer fan down there. What do you guys think? Amp is an Alpine MRP-M500 looking to upgrade to a 1000W alpine amp in the future, hoping to put it in the same location. Trunk cover closes fine I don't think it directly touches the amp but its a little close. [ATTACH=CONFIG]26552731[/ATTACH]
  9. It does not, i'm an idiot.
  10. EFD307

    14 volt battery?

    Alright, thanks guys. Kind of feel like an idiot but at least I know my parts will work lol
  11. EFD307

    14 volt battery?

    my escape had a 12v battery and would idle at 12.6v let me look into it some more.
  12. What do you think about installing a LC7i instead of the loc's they wanted me to get?
  13. EFD307

    14 volt battery?

    Yea, I'm pretty sure, see attached. I think it has to do with the engine stop start feature, higher voltage keeps the starting current lower for less heat on frequent starts, just a guess though. [ATTACH]26552633[/ATTACH]
  14. EFD307

    14 volt battery?

    I've got a 2015 jeep cherokee trailhawk
  15. EFD307

    14 volt battery?

    Both are alpine, 500W mono for the sub and a PDR-F50 for the type r's up front.