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  1. seafish

    Oldschool rockford fosgate punch 100z2

    So it is actaully smaller then the dimensions you first sent me?? If so, I'll take it. PM reply with confirmation of size and your paypal address.
  2. seafish

    Oldschool rockford fosgate punch 100z2

    sorry, another quick question(s)...I have seen that this amp has "end caps" that make it the dimensions the ones you quoted, yet the dimensions WITHOUT the endcaps are-- 10-5/16"W (6-3/4" w/o endcaps) x 2-11/16"H x 9-5/8"L .... soooooo, I am wondering if the amp can be used without end caps and if the end caps only cover the wires and also if your amp is pictured with or without the end caps??? VERY interested in it if it can be run without problems without the end caps, as it will give me a few more placement options...thanks again!!!
  3. seafish

    Oldschool rockford fosgate punch 100z2

    Cool, thanks for getting back to me...I'll take a few measurements and get back to you later today.
  4. seafish

    Oldschool rockford fosgate punch 100z2

    Hi ...looking for a small frontstage amp and I hope this will do....can you please give me the actual dimensions of this amp?? Also need to know if it tends to run HOT or not...and HOW it mounts, as I might want to mount it under the dash in a more enclosed space. THANKS!!
  5. seafish

    Clarion DRZ-9255

    Hi sorry that this my first post, on CA, but I am very much looking for a CLarion DRZ9255...is this still available?? Thanks.