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  1. rosieandnate

    AMP keeps blowing fuses

    The battery is in the back of my car.. I have Cobalt so that makes it easy. LOL. I will tell him to do this.. When my brother had it.. Everything worked just fine. =( ---------- Post added at 01:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:44 PM ---------- Its the fuse on the AMP itself!
  2. rosieandnate

    I neeed help!

    Its the fuse on the AMP that keeps blowing.. I will tell Hubby when he gets back home to rewire everything.. The amp doesn't smell burnt or anything... It seems alright.. It worked just fine when my brother had it.. So maybe its wired wrong?
  3. rosieandnate

    I neeed help!

    Well the AMP and Speaker both are Rockford fosgate.. The AMP P4004 and the Speaker is a Power T1.. The fuse keeps blowing and its aggravating. My husband thinks its the AMP but I think its the wiring... When we first hooked the system up it was working but it would go in and out... Then for some reason it started blowing fuses when he tried to fix it!
  4. Why does my amp keep blowing fuses. I have went through so many fuses in the past few days.. When I first plugged in my system it would cut in and out.. and now.. Everytime I even think about putting a fuse in the AMP they blow. Please help. I have tried everything.
  5. rosieandnate

    I neeed help!

    My husband and I bought an amp and sub speaker from my brother. He let us hear it plugged in and it worked fine.. My husband got all new wires and stuff and when he hooked everything up it worked but the speaker wasn't hitting like it was suppose to. BUT now when he tries to hook it up it automatically blows the fuse EVERYTIME. Please help!