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    I always loved BASS. Just what it does to you, the people who look at your car with shock and awe and say " That is the loudest system I ever heard! " What an Adrenaline rush. I am very easy to get along with. To get respect, you got to give respect.
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    Jimmy Moore
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    Gloucester, Va
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    I'm a bread vendor for the biggest bread company in the world named " Bimbo Bakeries " I work the stores in the Richmond Area
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    Fast Cars, Chicks, Sound systems are the name of the game.
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    Four PowerBass 3xl 15" subs walled off in a 1996 Dodge Dakota, pushed by two MA Audio hk-802sk
  1. TheGrimReapRR

    2- FI BL 12's fully loaded. $600

    It's a good deal. Wish I had extra cash on hands right now.