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    Speedy Juarez
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    Live in Hobbs, NM. From Ft Worth, TX
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    I work for a wireline service company in the oil filed.
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    Custom pc building, Pc gamming, Disc golf, Electronic music, Rap/Hip hop, Loud music
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    kicker DS65.2, ks60, kicker zxs 350.4, BRX 2000.1D, Toby Outlaw15" X2
  1. speedyjuarez

    October 28 2017 SEMINOLE TEXAS

    WEST TEXAS AUTO SHOW Oct 28, 2017 Wigwam Stadium NW Ave F @ NW 8th Seminole TX 79360 MECA Concert car showdown SPL smack down hosted by: Kilo-Watts Solutions
  2. Beat King - (just about every song on every album hits hard) Kendrick Lamar - Humble
  3. speedyjuarez

    DD DMF2800 or T2500-1BDCP

    I'm looking to buy me a new amp something that can do 2k at 2 ohms for 4th order bandpass subs. DMF2800 - 400 price tag, I can't find any reviews on this amp and not sure if this does rated power. T2500 - 1400 price tag, good reviews and does rated. I like the price tag of the DMF 2800 but I'm not sure on the quality. What other amps should I be looking at? Thanks
  4. speedyjuarez

    System Stolen

    Have you been raped?
  5. -Dual in the desert- -Sound off competition- Hobbs,NM -Triple point USACI- WHEN__May 14 WHERE_AUDIO EFX 1904 N. Dal Paso st Hobbs, NM
  6. speedyjuarez

    Tax returns?

    I hope oil goes back up, ***** being unemployed. I m going to use my tax return to pay the next few months on my mortgage. I don't plan on audio stuff till next year or when oil goes back up or I get a another job.
  7. speedyjuarez

    any good spl meters cheap ?

    Send me 20 bucks then you can call me on the phone while you play your system and ill give you a spl number. Ill be honest and fair with the number I give you.
  8. could it be the remote not the alarm? Maybe the remote is damaged, so when you press one button it pushes on the others? does it come with another remote and does it do it with the other one as well?
  9. speedyjuarez

    Silverado DDZ build

    Xs and sundown are the ones that urk me.
  10. speedyjuarez

    Silverado DDZ build

    My ocd says they are crooked. I want to fix them.
  11. speedyjuarez

    Silverado DDZ build

    You forgot to add legally.
  12. speedyjuarez

    Silverado DDZ build

    I got one with my 275 amp from him.
  13. speedyjuarez

    Need help from someone with experience or knowledge.

    Tell them to f off your getting your equipment. They can give you the equipment or fix the car. Who's insurance yours or theirs? If it's theirs talk to your insurance about it. Their insurance will low ball your vehicle with comped vehicles from smaller cities, bigger cities cars appraise higher.
  14. speedyjuarez

    Forum ERROR

    I thought this forum was a online truck stop, random gay trucker *** meetups.
  15. speedyjuarez

    **Pics** Lets see your ride **Pics**

    Sweet ride, love the look.