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  1. g2shuck


    Anybody have any deadener for sale?
  2. g2shuck

    CDT help

    Can you pm me a price on something similair that you would recommend?
  3. g2shuck

    CDT help

    Has anybody use these? CL-61A.2-25 PRO 2 ohm component set? If so what did you think of them? Amp will be a zapco st-2x
  4. g2shuck

    FS: Sundown 125.4s

    Interested in trades?
  5. g2shuck

    FS: BNIB Xs Power d3400

    interested in trades?
  6. g2shuck

    Looking for amp

    How electrical hungry is it at 0.5 daily? Alt is dc power xp 270
  7. I am looking for a 2000-3000 watt end amp. Let me know what you have and what your asking for it please
  8. No palms to go bigger than the 2200 pushing 2 aa havocs at 1 ohm. Amp is set with my dd-1
  9. Stock alt is only 80 amps and my lights already dim with my my 10zx500.1 at 2 ohms when I play songs like whip game proper. Want to be ale to stay as close to 14.4 as possible at full tilt with the 2200d what do you recommend since my plan was way overkill lol.
  10. Hey guys. I am finally going to be starting on getting my electrical taken care of so I can run a Soundqubed 2200d. I am looking at getting a DC Power 170 amp alt, XS Power D2400 under the hood, XS Power XP3000 in the trunk with 1/0 knu OFC wire. My question is right now I only have enough to do either the alt or the D2400 under the hood. Which would be better to do first?
  11. g2shuck

    Havoc 12s Box

    What about this?
  12. g2shuck

    Havoc 12s Box

    think this looks alot better
  13. g2shuck

    Havoc 12s Box

    good catch on the port and back wall. I can change it to double 5 inch aeros that are 14 inches long and it will put the port 6 inches off the wall and tune it to 31.81hz ---------- Post added at 08:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:17 PM ---------- would then have 7.20 port per foot