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  1. My driver and ports firing towards the cabin through a ski hole opening and sounds real nice.
  2. Does the Hellion loosen up pretty good after break in?
  3. The Hellion requires 3.00-3.50ft^3 @ 28-33hz w/15.25^2 of port per cube. I've got 3.76cu ft with a 6in aero with 28.26in total. That's 7.52 per cube. Will that be ok since it's an aero?
  4. I've been beatin my 15w3v2 for sometime now and I really love this driver. Lately I've been wanting to turn the volume up to get a little louder with the same quality sound. Unfortunately if I add anymore power I'll start cooking it. This leads me towards finding a new 15 that'll sound just as good but take more power. From what I've read most drivers these days have super stiff suspension therefore the sound output wont be as smooth/clean as my 15w3. I've checked the DD Audio website and see they have a Power Tuned 3500 Series 15 and a HiDef Tuned 3000 Series 15 with the choice of soft, regular or stiff suspension. Anyone have any experience with these?
  5. I see 3 recommendations for the SA15. How does this driver sound/perform? Would this be more of a loud shake the bolts off my car/cone flapping noise or is there good sound output too?
  6. Mostly DJ Russticals 27hz to 40hz. No more than $300 and under 50lbs.
  7. Hello everyone, I have a 3.81cu ft enclosure with an external 6in aeroport. Max length of the external port I can do is 24in. Any recommendations for a 15 under 1000rms?
  8. If you get a chance can you model up the 15w3v2-2? I have that somewhere in storage. Maybe I'll shove that one in there.
  9. The port has been adjusted.. The pic right above is from earlier this morning.. It’s turned more to the right.. Also there is no wood flexing.. Dowel was lightly tapped in pace.. Should I stuff it with foam?? I’ve never had boomy bass before..
  10. Well, threw the enclosure in the trunk and tuned to a clean 50hz tone. Played a bunch of tracks (XCLSV & DJ Russticals).. Conclusion: sounds terrible. All I hear is exaggerated boomy bass. 30,31,32,33,34,35 etc etc all sounds alike..