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  1. Slobalt

    Single 12 or 2 10s

    I’ll trade you an ssa zcon 12
  2. Slobalt

    Zx2500 problem

    I had a feeling this question was going to come up, it's the answer your expecting. I've done it for years and I've never had a problem till now and I know this time it could have been the problem.
  3. Slobalt

    Zx2500 problem

    I figured it wouldn't be, any recommendations on a place that can fix it?
  4. Slobalt

    Zx2500 problem

    Better pic, this is on the input side
  5. Slobalt

    Zx2500 problem

    There's a blue piece under the edge that looks like it cooked a little bit.
  6. Slobalt

    Zx2500 problem

    The blue component under the edge, looks like the top of it boiled
  7. I've had the amp since new haven't done anything to it prior to the problem which was it stopped outputting any sound out of no where. I made sure it was the amp by putting a different one in its place and it worked fine. The amp powers up no problem and the protect light is NOT on. I cracked it open to maybe see something fried and this is what I found, I don't if it's normal but it doesn't look it. Any advice would be helpful or recommendation of someone who can repair it.
  8. Slobalt

    2 SSA ZCONS vs 2 Fully loaded Psi Platform 3 12s

    Idk about the psi but a single zcon can take a 3500 on its own
  9. Slobalt

    WTS: Borg Warner EFR9180

    This is yummy looking
  10. Slobalt

    RE XXX 12", 2000w amp and enclosure

    Will you split the items up and what ohm is the sub
  11. Slobalt

    Sundown Audio Zv.4 12" D1

    How much picked up?
  12. Slobalt

    Smd-dd1 4 day rental

    I could use this in the spring time, so if it's still up for rental at that time I'll pm you.
  13. Slobalt

    (4) RE AUDIO XX 15s BLOWN

    Then what happens?