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  1. JoeBlack2k2012

    BNIB Phoenix Gold Cyclone from 1996 - yes, new in box

    I saw 3 of these in an extended cab truck in the Phoenix Gold booth at Iasca world finals back in I think 96 in Greenville SC. The roof on the **** building was rattling like crazy and there was a van with 8-18s in it so we all thought they were causing all the commotion but we walked up on the cyclone truck and it was unreal. It was loud but just as was said it was no SPL vehicle, it was so low it was breathtaking. I had to have at least one of these, my buddy owned a shop so that Monday we started calling his PG rep and found out by them that they were not holding up and the small number they did produce most were coming back. If you got one that held up they were amazing but evidently the design wasnt what it was expected it to be or there would have been a lot more built and sold.