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  1. custaa

    Audiobahn AW1006Q, Need help/info please

    EDIT --- Double Posted same post, sorry.
  2. custaa

    Audiobahn AW1006Q, Need help/info please

    Yeah, the flames are interesting, but who cares if it performs just as good, if not better than one without the bling? I agree it gets pretty loud.. I am just nervous going off of the manual for the AW1006T as there has to be SOME differences or they wouldn't have given it a new model number. Am I right or just paranoid? I am looking for Audiobahns information regarding the box size, port size etc. Crutchfield mentions "Audiobahn recommends a ported enclosure with an internal volume of 1.714 cu/ft and one 4" diameter x 10.87" long port." but I cannot seem to find this information anywhere as verification. They also say "The specifications in the Crutchfield database were taken from technical sheets provided by Audiobahn. Per Audiobahn, the specifications in the manual are incorrect. The woofer reviewed by Crutchfield did not come with a manual, but, according to Audiobahn, future shipments of this woofer will include a manual." I know crutchfield is VERY reliable, but I am one who thrives off of information from multiple sources, not just one. Expecially when they grind on the manual being incorrect. Yea, I haven't tried an amp through them but so far I am pleased with this sub. I have it in a temporary sealed box (I am in the process of building the ported one), and it matches what Crutchfield says but the sub gets BOILING hot. Like burn to the touch within 20 minutes of use with the Sony XM-2002GTW amp bridged and the subs voice coils ran in parallel.
  3. custaa

    Alpine amp goes on and off

    Hmm, I know you said you checked your wires but I would double check and make sure your ground is a secure because if your amp is trying to send too much power with nowhere to ground all of it I believe that will set off a protection light. (correct me if I am wrong) I know that was a problem I had when I first started off. Another troubleshooting thing I did was just as a test connect your REM to direct power and see if it cuts out when you run your music.
  4. custaa

    Alpine amp goes on and off

    Does the amp get hot before/when it shuts down? Does it just power down or does the protection light come on?
  5. Subwoofer I am dealing with: Audiobahn AW1006Q Audiobahn AW1006Q 10" Dual 4-ohm Voice Coil Subwoofer at Crutchfield.com I recently purchased this subwoofer, and in the process of getting it setup correctly I became stumped. But no matter where I look, aside from this one crutchfield URL, its almost like this sub never existed. I cannot find a manual for it anywhere. Does anyone have any idea where or how to find out more info about this woofer? I am looking for a backup set of technical stats/info from another reliable source. Thanks ahead of time!
  6. custaa

    Tons for sale or trade

    PM'ed about the Rockford t1000bd!
  7. custaa

    Hey all

    Just signed up for this forum, it seems pretty cool... How I got here.. Right now I am rocking a 99 cavalier (real cool huh?). Its a project car but of course one of the first things I had to do was swap out the aged/damaged stereo setup. One of the threads here filled me in on a concern and, now I'm looking to learn more from everyone and meet some decent people.