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  1. HoovaDeuce 82

    Tantric subs.

    The 15" I'm either gonna run one high end 15 or two mid level 12's. Leaning towards 1 15" with 1500-2000 rms though. I like single sub setups
  2. HoovaDeuce 82

    Tantric subs.

    Hi I was wanting to find out more about Tantric subs especially the HD. I wanna know what size box they like, tuning frequency, power they need and where to buy them. I'm gonna be ordering subs and amp in about a month.
  3. Also I figure the Morel's should be fine with the PPI amp High passed at 80hz and up right? They are rated at 90 rms but will be getting 110 rms.
  4. Well I recently traded in for a 07 Chevy Trailblazer and just ordered first part of my system. I'm getting my Front stage, rear fill and front stage amp. I'll be getting my subs, amp, and box about another month or two from now but I'm excited for the first part to get in. The gear I ordered is Head unit - Pioneer AVH-X2500BT ( Already owned and installed ) Front stage - Morel Maximo 6.5" comp set ( $170 shipped from woofersetc ) Front stage amp - PPI BK 340.2, 110X2 RMS ( $125 shipped from sonicelectronicx ) Rear Fill - Polk db 6.5" coaxial's to be ran off hu ( $45 shipped from Amazon ) I also ordered an 8 gauge monster cable amp kit and some Qmat deadener from soundqubed to deaden the doors as well as some rubber weather strip stuff form home depot to seal up the holes in the doors. Hopefully everything will be here by friday. Thx to all the guys who helped me out with all my question. I will post full reviews of the gear once I get it all in. Any input or people who have or have heard the stuff I ordered is encouraged.
  5. HoovaDeuce 82

    Tweeters with built in inline crossover question.

    Yeah I was wondering cause it says they are built in.
  6. I was looking at running a 2 way setup active using a 4 channel amp using tweets on 2 channels and mids on the other 2. My question is I was looking at the Soundstream tws.3 tweets but it says they come with a built in inline 12db crossover. Does this mean it's got like a passavie cross already or can I bypass it and just use my amp as the crossover?
  7. HoovaDeuce 82

    Crescendo FT-1 supertweet's power handling?

    I may just get a 60x4 rms for the ft-1's and the pwx's
  8. I'm looking into the Hifonics amps to run a pair of Sundown SA 15'S. What is the diffrence in the 3 models? I like the BRE 1600.1 and the BRX 1600.1 Both cost the same and do 1600x1 rms @1 ohm. What's the difference? Also I heard these amp's don't put out quite what they rate but the 1600 should still give me at least a clean 1400+ right?
  9. Can the FT-1'S handle 100 rms each? There rated at 80. I would run them from 4k hz up.
  10. HoovaDeuce 82

    Best 600 rms 15" in the $250 or less price rage for my application?

    How are they on the low's and are they pretty loud? Sounds like it's my kind of sub if it's musical. I want really good sq but also want it loud and low. I'm looking for a true sql woofer. A pair of Obsidian 15's would run me $367.56 shpped. Are they worth the extra $147 over the C2'S?
  11. HoovaDeuce 82

    Biggest amp I can go with on a stock alternator?

    It's 145 amps * toughone* Is this a aftermarket alt? That seems like alot!
  12. HoovaDeuce 82

    Best 600 rms 15" in the $250 or less price rage for my application?

    I could get me a pair of 15" C2's and a SoundStream 1200.1 for a total of only $440. I figure a custom built ported box about 7 ft ^ 3 tuned at 35hz should run me about 250ish the wiring and big 3 kit should put me close to my budget of $1000 but that will be for everything and installed. Not bad at all. Anyone else wanna chime im on the c2's?
  13. HoovaDeuce 82

    Best 600 rms 15" in the $250 or less price rage for my application?

    Holy hell. The c2 15" is only $110 shipped and has a 3" voice coil, 600 rms, only needs about 3 cubic ft ported and tuned at 35hz. It says the xmax is 28mm. Is that linear or p2p?
  14. I got me a 07 Chevy trailblazer and I need to know about the most rms I can use with just the BIG 3 done, really good aftermarket battery under the hood and stock alt. I'm hoping I can get away with about 1500 rms to subs and 300 rms to mids/highs. I can find out how many amps my alt is if that will help.
  15. HoovaDeuce 82

    Best 600 rms 15" in the $250 or less price rage for my application?

    Will a c2 15" outperform a Lethal Injection, DC lvl2 or SA? The Lethal Injection and DC lvl2 have like 22 mm xmax! That has me very interested