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  1. Lol, yo is that your speaker wire coming out of the port? If you don't want to put in a terminal cup you could just put 2 bolts through the box and connect like that.
  2. Ahmed Johnson

    The Big Three Question

    No it won't be. What would be pointless is using 4 gauge for the big 3. I would run 0 gauge o the back though, especially with a second battery.
  3. It sounds like you paid for the install and equipment. Might as well let them do it. I know this will sound stupid, but if they are an actual business then atleast if your car catches fire you can get them to replace it, other wise you are s.o.l. on whatever you spent. If you could get the credit card company to refund you the money you spent with the installer that would be great but I doubt that's possible.
  4. I'm not confused, and you still won't answer the question. Eveything you tell me from now on I know will be straight b.s.
  5. Well, I hope they used ky jelly because it seems like you are **** out of luck. Just let them hook everything up to your standards and give you the appropriate equipment. Suing them won't yield the best results. Do you have a receipt? Read any fine print that you could use to help you get the most from these guys. Now you can either learn to do the install yourself or go start a relationship with people at another shop. Do what you feel comfortable.
  6. The sub with the lower impedance will get the majority of the power.
  7. Ahmed Johnson

    HELP! my subs may be burning?

    On the hifonics amp, its a gain. To me it's useless since you could turn the volume down on your head unit, but to each their own. If you have your gain set, the knob will work as a volume adjuster since it won't go past the physical setting of the gain on the amp.
  8. Alright man, did you rebuild the motor or buy a new one? You have went in a few different directions, with these long drawn out explanations in hopes of confusing me and you never gave a definitive answer. Once again, did you rebuild the motor or did you buy one? Even still, you are an engineer with the know how so your skill isn't an issue. Do you think someone needs to know how to repair a furnace to enjoy heat? Do you think someone should know how to rebuild an engine? If the answer is no, then why do they have to know how to install car audio to enjoy subwoofers? If your answer is yes, then you are just an *******.
  9. Not everybody has the know how to do anything technical and paying someone who does will save money and headaches down the line. So, what exactly did you fix? Did you buy the motor or fix it? If a new motor is 130 then why spend 100 to fix an old motor? Depending on how old your heating and air unit is, that motor could be way less efficient as the newer ones, even if you add alot more parts to it.
  10. You claimed to rebuild your furnace.
  11. What about putting a new blower motor in constitutes rebuilding? A technical rebuild would have alot more parts added to it. To the point it becomes a much better and cost effective to buy a new unit. Just because you threw a blower motor in, doesn't make you a tech.
  12. Ahmed Johnson

    Is this a good box?

    The same one with the staples..........LOL!
  13. it sounds like you are having serious voltage issues. Google the big 3 and get it done. Run 0 gauge. Sell the cap to some idiot that thinks it will help his system. Find the best possible ground in your trunk you can. Did you go to a shop or a person in a backyard?
  14. Did you hook the ground back up? Next bolt your amp down, I don't see how your ground could get pulled unless something was loose to begin with.