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  1. giltyler

    Fair price to carpet a box

    The Raptor smell is not bad at all I just refinished a Ranch Hand Headache Rack with it. Mead and Soundman both have videos of it in there projects. The others who stated DYI are right with a little effort carpet is easy to do just get some 3m or other good spray adhesive and some sharp razor blades and get after it Again you can learn by watching a few videos
  2. giltyler

    Fair price to carpet a box

    Have you looked into using Raptor spray liner. You can get a small kit on Amazon with enough to do a box for $39.00 and $13.00 for the spray gun. You would need access to a compressor but that stuff is easy and looks great. You can find Lots of vids on YouTube on how it works
  3. giltyler


    You probably need to create a FB profile and message him directly That is the way I got in contact with him and many other companies are doing contact that way now
  4. giltyler

    WHat size box for this sub?

    What amp are you using
  5. giltyler

    Active Vs Passive Power Required For Comps

    Will the Audison SRx4 run components for Front active or is this not enough power. Something like lower tier hertz or similar
  6. giltyler

    Wtb 1000 watt amp

    This does it’s power and then some and would not have to be pushed as hard. https://www.skaraudio.com/products/rp-1500-1d
  7. giltyler

    Active Vs Passive Power Required For Comps

    I thought the passive crossover wasted as high as 20-40% in power due to heat
  8. In the past I always ran passive crossovers that came with the components and in the really old days caps and coils to do the filtering. Now I want to try Active and want to know what Power output I need since the network will not be wasting power. Will a small 4 channel Hertz or Audison be enough 60x4 Components will be higher end mainstream or basics from hertz Audison etc Ram 2500 front door and dash location
  9. What is the vehicle and what battery is under the hood to start. Stock varies greatly
  10. giltyler

    Audison Component 6.5

    Audison Voce AV K6 6.5 2 Way Component Speakers No Crossovers What would a very clean set be worth used and working fine with all other items in original box.
  11. giltyler

    Setting Gains with SMD DD1

    Yes it will matter
  12. giltyler

    Setting Gains with SMD DD1

    Sub amp should be 75-80 hz unless you have another crossover in place
  13. giltyler

    Bye Bye Twisted Sounds

    Yes good people I bought from them and amp was better than expected I would grab a Skar before defunct TS
  14. giltyler

    FU 750 sale 12" & 15" $150

    Can we take up a collection
  15. giltyler

    2015 Dodge ram 1500

    Did they properly ground the head unit to substantial metal behind the dash. And any of the adaptive equipment used. The ground in the radio harness and through the antenna is not enough