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    bass!!! girls and fishing
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    head unit: jvc kdg350. infinity kappa 5.25 front doors infinity kappa 6.50 rear
  1. logan1516

    2 tc7 15's

    Have you heard a ct sounds 15? Do you think they could outplay one?
  2. logan1516

    2 tc7 15's

    How down and dirty would you say these get?
  3. Crossfire xp600.4 interested?
  4. I have a crossfire xp600.4 its only been used for about a month now. I'd really like a clean 600 rms a 1ohm or 4
  5. logan1516

    Precision Power PPI P1000.1

    Well just in case, I have a crossfirexp 600.4 I barely used it.
  6. logan1516

    Precision Power PPI P1000.1

    Trades? And does this have a gain?
  7. logan1516

    F/S Kicker DX 1000.1

    Still no trades?
  8. logan1516

    Diamond Audio D3 800.1

  9. That 4 channel crossfire is still here for trade man.
  10. logan1516

    Diamond Audio D3 800.1

    Any trades?
  11. logan1516

    Sony ES XM-601GD

    Hahah alright brother just seeing if you changed your mind.
  12. logan1516

    Sony ES XM-601GD

    Man I'll still trade you.
  13. I need an amp to power my audio technix 15" d2