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  1. Styleinsierra00

    Power cell, recommendations.

    That's where I'll go tomo. I gotta get this semi down the road. This box is pretty dam sweet!
  2. Styleinsierra00

    Power cell, recommendations.

    XS was the only place I found 14 volt battery's. Those amps are rated at 16 volt max. I'd like to show a pic of the box Im building, fiberglass bottom. It's a attempt to keep my rear seat in the EX CAB. Seat needs brackets fabricated for it, witch ill make. It's interesting to say the least. I don't know if I should start a new post or what.
  3. Styleinsierra00

    Power cell, recommendations.

    Ill call XS and keep researching it. I know more volts should mean additional cells in the battery. Interesting that you said XS may be the only one with 14 and 16 volt batts. Thanks for responding.
  4. Styleinsierra00

    Power cell, recommendations.

    I'm new to this forum. I was hopping to hear from someone not associated with a manufacture. That's why I registered with this site. I could just call XS otherwise.
  5. Styleinsierra00

    Power cell, recommendations.

    They come in different sizes, ratings and so on. I just don't know enough about them. For what I'm running, what would recommend.
  6. Styleinsierra00

    Power cell, recommendations.

    How big should I go? That would help.
  7. Styleinsierra00

    Power cell, recommendations.

    The MRX amps are rated for 16 volts max. I wanted to run 16 volt batts and charge at 19 volts per Mechman. I don't think I can do that with those amps. 14 volt batts and charge at 16.8 volts maybe. Thanks for the help. Want to be sure before I purchase anything.
  8. Wanting to bump 2 hdc412-1A subs on 2 MRX-240 amps. I have dual alt's, 350 amp Mechman I was wanting to power a battery bank to power the amps. Keeping it separate from may upgraded factory alt and yellow top Optima that powers the multi channel amps witch power my Polk's. I was planning on charging at 16 volts with the external voltage regulator. I wanted some suggestions on what size, what brand and how many power cells to apply here. Incase your wondering the wire is 0 gauge Kilk.