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  1. Johnniz

    6,5" vs 8" vs 12" What will play louder?

    Alright, thanks for the feedback guys:) I Guess I have to invest in a higher powered amp
  2. Johnniz

    6,5" vs 8" vs 12" What will play louder?

    Yeah, I know I need something more powerful to power it properly, just asking if it would be better to buy a cheap 6,5" or 8" rated 100-150W RMS, and if that would be louder than to power the 12" with the same amp?
  3. Johnniz

    6,5" vs 8" vs 12" What will play louder?

    It was the amp that came with the sub unfortunately. I know it is not very powerful, but it is all I got at the moment. It is this one: https://www.maxaudio.com.my/amplifier/6642-jbl-gt5-a402-gt-series-40w-rms-2-channel-car-amplifier.html And the 12" I already got is: https://www.jbl.com.sg/car-subwoofers/GT5-1204BR.html
  4. Hi. With a 120W RMS amp, 240w max, what would play the loudest from these 3 options: 12" 275W RMS Sensitivity: 92dB 8" 150W RMS Sensitivity: 90,2dB 6,5" 100W RMS Sensitivity: 88.8dB I would make the enclosure per the manufacturers recommendations I already have the 12" sub and the amp, but I think it is severely under powered.
  5. Johnniz

    1 sub 2 speakers vs 4 speakers

    haha, I actually had a very similar setup 6 years ago. Tube amp and a 4*12
  6. Johnniz

    1 sub 2 speakers vs 4 speakers

    Thanks for the input.
  7. Hi. Im going to make a simple speaker enclosure to have in my boat. I dont want to spend too much money and also only have the one battery (60amp car battery). I have a cheap 500w 4 channel amp from Kenwood (KAC-6405) with these ratings: 4x40W@ 4 ohms and 130w x 2 bridged. Would you guys choose A: 2 larger speakers, like 6,5 or 8 inch close to 100W RMS each? B: 2 smaller speakers, maybe 4 or 5 inch closer to 40-50W RMS each and a small sub close to 100W RMS? C 4 smaller speakers, all 40-50W RMS Its a 14ft boat, and I was planning to have the enclosure under the deck in front. Thanks