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  1. srthemi

    My first ever budget build!

    Nice budget set up man post some videos.
  2. srthemi

    Doing free box designs

    Form: Vehicle : 01 Honda Accord 4 door Location in the vehicle: Trunk Space available (Length x Width x Height):33x16x16 Subwoofer make and model: Crystal compx2 15 Subwoofer Size: 15 Number of Subwoofers: 1 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): Slot What type of music do you like?: Rap, Rock ,Spanish all type Is your goal SPL or Everyday Music?: Daily Music Tuning Freq (Hz): 30 Hz Volume : 3 cu Ft special requests: Double Baffle when you get a change thanks
  3. srthemi

    box questions

    Hit Up Buck quick turn around:cool:
  4. Same here if any knows anyone in Oc/La area let me know looking for a ported box. the only guy I just know was tuan @acc.
  5. srthemi

    Enclosure design referral

    Good luck finding someone I been waiting for 2 Days I guess I got to have more patience lol.
  6. srthemi

    12in JL w6

    Ported for sure
  7. srthemi

    Box Builder & Designer

    Like which one do you know or recommend.
  8. srthemi

    Box Builder & Designer

    Anyone in Vegas That built sub boxes let me know. thanks
  9. srthemi

    diamond audio d3

    For $20 you got a good deal you could definely double your money.